Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation Inc.

Charity Details

Licence Number:CCP2429 Expiry Date:31/12/2099
Licence Status:Current Licence Class:SECTION 6 (ACNC)
Charity Name:Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation Inc.
Trading Name:hope for cambobian children foundation inc
Trustee Name:
Contact:Mr ross smith
14 Howrah Road
0425 211 266
Title of Appeal:
Charitable Purposes:- The affording of relief, asssistance or support to diseased, disabled, sick, infirm, incurable, poor, destitute, helpless, or unemployed persons, or to the dependents of any such persons
Statement Period: to each year Statement Due Date: each year

Income and Expenditure Statements

Return No. Return type Statement period from Statement period to Income Expenditure Available for charitable purposes Amount distributed for charitable purposes for the financial year