Expired and Revoked Charity Licences

1499 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal Expiry Date
CCP1670$1Day Limited$1Day Limited30/06/2014
CCP21161Woman Foundation Trust1Woman Foundation Trust31/12/2016
CCP23933 Angels Australia (Development) Limited31/12/2016
CCP2118350.org Ltd350.org Australia09/09/2014
CCP1741A Drop In The Bucket IncA Drop In The Bucket Inc31/12/2012
CCP1545A Start In Life12/12/2016
CCP3971A.C.N. 643 227 230 LIMITED31/12/2099
CCP1655Aberfoyle Community Centre01/05/2015
CCP1127Ability First Australia LtdAbility First AustraliaWalk With Me31/12/2012
CCP2195Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP2173Aboriginal Community Housing Ltd05/12/2016
CCP915Abused Child Foundation Limited31/12/2012
CCP1457ACEDA IncorporatedACEDA31/12/2012
CCP1949Act for Kids31/12/2015
CCP509ActionAid Australia31/12/2008
CCP509ActionAid Australia30/06/2017
CCP2107Adara Development (Australia)Adara Development (Australia)30/06/2017
CCP2148Adelaide All Breed Dog Rescue Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1234Adelaide and Region Deductible Gift Recipient FundCommunity CPS Foundation Ltd31/12/2011
CCP49Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation31/12/2008
CCP2137Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance Foundation IncorporatedACHA Health Foundation (Ashford, Flinders Private and The Memorial Hospitals)31/12/2016
CCP1620Adelaide Crows Foundation LimitedCrows Foundaton04/04/2017
CCP2238Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital IncorporatedAdelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital Incorporated02/12/2016
CCP2290Adelaide Mbale Childrens Health Fund IncAdelaide Mbale Childrens Health Fund IncAdelaide Mbale Childrens Health Fund Inc31/12/2016
CCP1775Adelaide Northern Division of General PracticeAdelaide Northern Division of General Practice Limited31/12/2013
CCP1194Adventist Development And Relief Agency Australia Ltd13/12/2016
CCP3757Adventure Connect Incorporated31/12/2020
CCP1686Adventure Fund GlobalInternational Childrens Care Australia31/12/2013
CCP499Advertiser Sunday Mail Foundation Inc02/12/2016
CCP2072AEIOU FoundationAEIOU Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1992Aero Pro-Medical Foundation Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2246AESOP FoundationAustralian Business VolunteersAustralian Business Volunteers Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2032African Australian Network LimitedAfrican Australian Network African Australian Network 31/12/2015
CCP951African Enterprise Ltd20/04/2017
CCP2054Aged Care and Housing Group IncorporatedACH Group31/12/2016
CCP1885Aid Asia Initiative (Australia) LimitedAid Asia Initiative (Australia) Limited31/12/2014
CCP718AIDS Council Of South Australia IncRed Ribbon Badge Day31/12/2013
CCP1280Aids Trust of AustraliaNational Aids Fundraising Limited 31/12/2013
CCP1504Allan Campbell & WCH IncRonald McDonald House - Adelaide21/01/2017
CCP2208Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia31/12/2016
CCP1971Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia (AIFA)31/12/2015
CCP1315Alola Australia Ltd30/06/2016
CCP1315Alola Australia Ltd30/06/2017
CCP1039Alola Foundation Limited30/06/2008
CCP1050Alzheimers Australia Inc31/01/2011
CCP1986Alzheimers Australia Inc.31/12/2015
CCP737Alzheimers Australia SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1059Amandus Lutheran Disability Services Inc31/12/2014
CCP2394Amitofo Care Centre AustraliaAmitofo Care Centre Australia31/12/2016
CCP638Amnesty International Australia - NSW30/06/2017
CCP638Amnesty International Australia - NSW30/06/2010
CCP1691Angel Babies FoundationAngel Babies Day31/12/2012
CCP1074Angel Flight Australia31/12/2016
CCP2174Angel Goals Inc31/08/2016
CCP980Angel Of Hope Charity Inc31/12/2016
CCP1782Angelorum LimitedIt Gets Better Australia31/12/2012
CCP1901Anglican Community Care Housing Association Incorporated07/09/2016
CCP1186Anglican Community Care Incac.care31/12/2016
CCP422Anglicare SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP2308Anglicord LimitedAnglican Overseas Aid31/12/2016
CCP955Animal Care and Aid of Australia Inc31/12/2009
CCP1916Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities (AMRRIC) Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2223Animal Rescue Relief IncorporatedAnimal Rescue Relief24/02/2015
CCP1295Animal Saviors Awareness Campaign Ltd31/03/2010
CCP1875Animal Welfare League Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP918Animal Welfare League Of SA Inc31/12/2017
CCP957Animals Asia Foundation (Australia) Limited02/12/2016
CCP2103Another Step Closer IncorporatedAnother Step Closer Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP2254Anti Bullying Australia IncorporatedAnti Bullying Australia IncorporatedBadge Days31/12/2016
CCP489Anti-Cancer Foundation Of South AustraliaCancer Council SA14/12/2016
CCP916ANZ Staff FoundationEquity Trustees Wealth Services Ltd31/03/2017
CCP2367ANZHNCS Research FoundationAustralian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society Inc31/12/2016
CCP1638ANZUP Cancer Trials Group Limited30/09/2016
CCP2176Arbonne Charitable FoundationArbonne Charitable Foundation Ltd30/06/2016
CCP3214Arbonne Charitable Foundation LimitedArbonne Charitable Foundation05/09/2023
CCP2059Arrhythmia Alliance Australia - ltd31/12/2015
CCP1173Arthritis Foundation of Australia Arthritis Australia31/12/2017
CCP625Arthritis Foundation of South Australia IncChristmas Appeal, Osteoporosis Appeal, Arthritis Appeal, Tax Appeal, Arthritis Badge Day, Osteoporosis Badge Day, Kidsflix Appeal, Flim Night and Luncheon02/12/2016
CCP1796Asperlutely Autsome Incorporated11/12/2016
CCP1360Aspire to Thrive Childrens Charities Inc30/06/2010
CCP1140Assemblies Of God In Australia World Relief Inc ACC International Relief30/06/2009
CCP1140Assemblies Of God In Australia World Relief Inc ACC International Relief30/06/2017
CCP1837Assistance Dogs Australia LtdAssistance Dogs Australia LtdAssistance Dogs Australia Ltd13/12/2016
CCP1453Association For The Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare28/02/2011
CCP1451Association Of South Australian Blind Sporting Clubs IncBlind Sports SA31/12/2016
CCP1451Association Of South Australian Blind Sporting Clubs IncBlind Sports SA31/12/2010
CCP4305Association of Ukrainians in South Australia Inc28/12/2023
CCP919Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Degli Emigrati IncANFE Inc31/12/2015
CCP2342Asthma Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1523Asthma Foundation New South Wales31/01/2012
CCP497Asthma Foundation Of South Australia IncAsthma Foundation of SATake A Breather Charity Challenge31/12/2016
CCP1774ATTACH (Aid To The Arghan ChildrenATTACH31/12/2012
CCP1048Attention Disorder Association Of South Australia Inc31/12/2008
CCP1917Attorney Generals DepartmentAGD Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1804Ausee IncAusee Inc31/12/2015
CCP1610Aussie Farmers Foundation Pty Ltd05/12/2016
CCP1610Aussie Farmers Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2013
CCP2130Aussie Farms IncorporatedAussie Farms16/09/2014
CCP1480Aussie Helpers LtdAussie Helpers28/02/2012
CCP2961Aust & NZ Assn of Neurologists Education & Research Foundation28/02/2018
CCP1128Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials GroupGI Cancer Institute30/06/2017
CCP1370Australasian Sarcoma Study Group LimitedAustralasian Sarcoma Study Group31/12/2016
CCP3242Australasian Spinal Cord Injury Network Limited02/08/2019
CCP1261Australia Bringing Hope Incorporated14/12/2016
CCP2263Australia for DophinsAustralia for Dolphins Limited29/05/2015
CCP948Australia for UNHCR30/06/2017
CCP1301Australia Hope International Inc31/12/2016
CCP1765Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology GroupANZGOG31/12/2017
CCP1165Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support Limited31/12/2013
CCP1578Australia Vietnam Volunteers Resource Group Inc (SA Branch)31/12/2011
CCP2398Australia Wide Recyclers Pty LtdAustralia Wide Recyclers31/12/2016
CCP1242Australian African Childrens Aid & Support Association Inc28/02/2011
CCP1021Australian Association & New Zealand Association Of Neurologists Education & Research Foundation Inc31/08/2010
CCP1722Australian Association of the Order of Malta Limited30/06/2017
CCP1910Australian Cancer Foundation LtdAustralian Cancer Foundation Ltd02/03/2015
CCP1816Australian Cancer Patient Accommodation31/12/2013
CCP981Australian Cancer Research Foundation28/04/2017
CCP1228Australian Cancer Support Services LtdAustralian Cancer Support Services Foundation30/06/2016
CCP1927Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in HumansACRATH30/06/2015
CCP1383Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1859Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation Health Promotion Charitable TrustAustralian Cervical Cancer Foundation Health Promotion Charitable TrustAustralian Cervical Cancer Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2060Australian Charity Funds31/12/2015
CCP3832Australian Childhood FoundationAustralian Childhood Foundation31/12/2099
CCP835Australian Childhood FoundationChildhood Hero Appeal31/12/2016
CCP1319Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners ltd31/12/2016
CCP1863Australian College of Community Services Ltd31/12/2014
CCP672Australian Committee for UNICEF LtdUnicef AustraliaUnicef Day For Change and others30/06/2017
CCP1940Australian Communities Foundation LimitedAustralian Communities Foundation01/12/2016
CCP653Australian Cranio-Maxillo Facial FoundationCraniofacial Australia31/12/2016
CCP1474Australian Crohns and Colitis Association (ACCA)Crohns and Coltis Australia (CCA)31/12/2016
CCP2192Australian Deaf Sports FederationDeaf Sports Australia13/04/2015
CCP2100Australian Defence Force Assistance TrustAustralian Defence Force Assistance TrustAustralian Defence Force Assistance Trustee Company Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1793Australian Dental Association IncADAAustralian Dental Association Foundation31/12/2017
CCP1452Australian Disability Sport Inc01/12/2016
CCP1278Australian Drug Foundation Inc28/02/2011
CCP1278Australian Drug Foundation Inc31/12/2009
CCP1073Australian Episcopal Conference Of The Roman Catholic ChurchCaritas Australia06/12/2016
CCP1945Australian Families of the Military Research Foundation LimitedAustralian Families of the Military Research Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP950Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association (South Australian Division) Inc30/06/2010
CCP3131australian foundation for disabled children and youths16/05/2018
CCP1160Australian Geographic Society31/12/2011
CCP2014Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation31/12/2015
CCP862Australian Huntington's Disease Association (SA & NT) Inc31/01/2011
CCP4068Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience Indigenous Corporation31/12/2099
CCP1223Australian Institute of International AffairsAustralian Institute of International Affairs IncorporatedFriends of The AIIA31/12/2015
CCP2262Australian Institute of Neuro-Rehabilitation Limited30/06/2017
CCP3103Australian International Military Games Limited31/12/2018
CCP1237Australian Kidney FoundationKidney Health AustraliaBig Red BBQ and Red Sock Day30/06/2017
CCP2474Australian Lasallian (Asia/Pacific) Foundation LtdLasallian Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1479Australian Lasallian Asia Pacific Foundation LtdLasallian FoundationAustralian Lasallian (Asia/Pacific) Foundation Limited30/06/2013
CCP1479Australian Lasallian Asia Pacific Foundation LtdLasallian FoundationAustralian Lasallian (Asia/Pacific) Foundation Limited02/12/2016
CCP1218Australian Lions Childrens Mobility Foundation31/12/2013
CCP2274Australian Lions FoundationThe Trustee for Australian Lions Foundation18/12/2016
CCP1095Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS)Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS)30/06/2017
CCP1276Australian Marine Wildlife Research Rescue Organisation IncAMWRROAustralian Marine Wildlife Research Rescue Org. Trust Account31/12/2016
CCP2376Australian Marriage Equality Limited01/12/2016
CCP1159Australian Medical Research TrustThe Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc31/12/2009
CCP2381Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation LtdAMDF31/12/2016
CCP1302Australian Orangutan ProjectThe Orangutan Project09/12/2016
CCP1062Australian Outward Bound Development FundDonor Appeal31/12/2012
CCP2024Australian Pain Management Association Inc30/06/2016
CCP940Australian Paralympic Committee Inc19/12/2016
CCP940Australian Paralympic Committee Inc31/12/2011
CCP1106Australian People For Health, Education And Development Abroad IncUnion Aid Abroad - APHEDA31/12/2012
CCP1831Australian Pet Welfare FoundationAustralian Pet Welfare FoundationAustralian Pet Welfare Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1051Australian Professional Firefighters Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP4097Australian Property Research Education Fund Limited31/12/2099
CCP1271Australian Prostate Cancer Research Society Limited31/12/2009
CCP1890Australian Prostate Cancer Research Society Limited31/12/2016
CCP2Australian Red Cross SocietyAustralian Red Cross Society08/12/2016
CCP630Australian Refugee Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP1239Australian Relief & Mercy Services LtdAustralian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd06/12/2016
CCP1448Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth30/06/2012
CCP1252Australian Rotary Health Hat Day01/12/2016
CCP1016Australian Spinal Research Foundation.09/04/2015
CCP1299Australian Sponsorship 4 African Kids Ltd31/10/2010
CCP4149Australian Stunts Organisation A.S.O.02/11/2022
CCP1724Australian Suicide Prevention FoundationHold on to Life31/12/2015
CCP2312Australian Trust for Conservation VolunteersConservation Volunteers AustraliaAustralian Trust for Conservation Volunteers31/12/2016
CCP1213Australian Unity Foundation LtdAustralian Unity Foundation31/12/2014
CCP930Australian Volunteers International31/12/2013
CCP1168Australian Wildlife Conservancy28/02/2011
CCP1914Australian Wombat Rehabilitation Centre IncAustralian Wombat Rehabilitation Centre Inc31/12/2014
CCP2150Australian Working Dog Rescue IncAustralian Working Dog Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1592Australian Youth Against Cancer (AYAC)The AYAC Murary River Appeal31/03/2012
CCP2177Australian Youth Climate Coalition13/04/2015
CCP2051Australians Detained Abroad LimitedAustralians Detained Abroad Limited
CCP570Autism Association of South Australia Autism SA31/12/2015
CCP2125Autism Awareness Angels Autism Awareness Angels 29/02/2016
CCP1392Autism Awareness Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP2016Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)30/06/2018
CCP2016Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)30/06/2017
CCP1590Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Limited31/12/2012
CCP1590Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Limited31/12/2017
CCP1860Bairo Pite Hospital Bairo Pite Hospital 31/12/2014
CCP1355Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Holdings LtdBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute30/06/2017
CCP899Balhannah Centre Inc31/12/2016
CCP2287Bali Pet Crusaders Pty LtdBali Pet Crusaders Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP3948Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia Ltd.31/12/2099
CCP1385Bank of Cyprus Australia FoundationBOCA Foundation Limited28/02/2011
CCP2109Bankwest Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP2326BaptcareBaptcare Ltd31/12/2016
CCP95Baptist Care (SA) Inc16/12/2016
CCP2037Baptist World Aid Australia LtdBaptist World Aid Australia 31/12/2016
CCP1532Barbara May Foundation TrustBarbara May Foundation 31/12/2015
CCP1196Barefoot Initiative LimitedBarefoot Initiative31/12/2012
CCP2321Barefoot Initiative LimitedBarefoot Initiative31/12/2016
CCP541Barkuma IncorporatedBarkuma Golf Day31/12/2016
CCP911Barnardos Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1410Barossa Area Fundraisers For Cancer Inc31/12/2016
CCP1801Barossa Enterprises IncorporatedBarossa Enterprises Inc09/12/2016
CCP1845Barossa Region Community Foundation IncFoundation Barossa07/10/2016
CCP3909Bat Rescue of SA Inc31/12/2099
CCP3917Bat Rescue of SA Inc31/12/2099
CCP1259Bayside Health31/12/2008
CCP1442Be A Hero Australia Ltd31/12/2014
CCP2095Be The Change Animal Shelter IncorporatedBe The Change Animal Shelter Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP2065Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support IncBears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support 31/12/2016
CCP2203Bedfod Phoneix Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP294Bedford Group Inc31/12/2015
CCP2214Bedford Phoenix Incorporated15/01/2015
CCP4096Belgravia Foundation Pty LtdBelgravia Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1429Believe Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1701Believe, Educate & Empower IncorporationBEE Inc.30/06/2017
CCP2138Bereaved Through Suicide Support Group Inc31/12/2016
CCP1234Beyond Bank Australia Foundation LimitedBeyond Bank Australia Foundation Master DGR Fund31/12/2016
CCP1763Beyond Bank Australia Foundation LimitedBeyond Bank Foundation Master Support Fund31/12/2016
CCP1179Beyond Blue Limited31/12/2015
CCP1179Beyond Blue Limited31/12/2012
CCP2172Bible Society Australia02/03/2015
CCP1906Bicycles for Humanity, Adelaide, South Australia31/12/2016
CCP1472Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1096Big Issue In Australia LimitedThe Big Issue02/12/2016
CCP2132Bikes for Refugees SA IncorporatedBikes for Refugees SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1290Bill Hutchison Foundation30/06/2010
CCP1279Birthing Kit Foundation Australia31/12/2015
CCP1540Black Dog InstituteBlack Dog Institute31/12/2016
CCP2220Black Dog Ride Australia Limited (BDRA)Black Dog Ride Australia Limited (BDRA)31/12/2016
CCP4087Blackfella Way Wellbeing Centre LtdBlackfella Way Wellbeing Centre30/06/2022
CCP872Blind Sporting Council Inc31/12/2015
CCP327Blind Welfare Association of SA IncBadge Day31/12/2016
CCP1008Blue Knot Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1008Blue Knot Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1177Blue Light (SA) Inc09/12/2016
CCP1177Blue Light (SA) Inc31/12/2008
CCP1195Bluey Day FoundationAdopt A Bluey Schools Campaign and Bluey Day National Roadshow30/06/2010
CCP1275Boandik Lodge IncBadge Day31/12/2016
CCP2330Bobby Goldsmith Foundation31/12/2016
CCP649Bombay Salesian SocietyThe Bombay Salesian Society30/09/2012
CCP2221Bombo Kids Foundation (Aust)31/12/2016
CCP782Bone Growth Foundation IncBone Health Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1277Bone Marrow Donor Institute30/06/2017
CCP912Bonnie Babes Foundation IncNational Babies Day31/01/2012
CCP1238Bowel Cancer & Digestive Research Institute AustraliaBowel Cancer AustraliaRed Apple Day, Christmas Appeal and End of Financial Year Appeal31/12/2015
CCP1238Bowel Cancer & Digestive Research Institute AustraliaBowel Cancer AustraliaRed Apple Day, Christmas Appeal and End of Financial Year Appeal31/12/2017
CCP2190Brahminy Foundation LimitedBrahminy Foundation Limited01/05/2015
CCP609Brain Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1581Brain Injury of South Australia Inc (BINSA)31/12/2015
CCP2131BrainChild Foundation LimitedBrainChild Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2353Brave Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1002Bravehearts Foundation LimitedBraveheartsWhite Balloon Day31/12/2016
CCP1112Breast Cancer AustraliaCancer & Bowel Research Association Inc30/04/2010
CCP1658Breast Cancer Australia (SA)Breast Cancer Australia (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Association (SA) Inc30/09/2012
CCP976Breast Cancer Network Australia30/06/2016
CCP976Breast Cancer Network Australia30/06/2012
CCP1022Bridges And Pathways Institute Inc31/12/2016
CCP1020Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation01/12/2016
CCP2073Bright Futures Child Aid & Development Fund Australia LtdTrustee for Bright Futures Overseas Aid Fund31/12/2016
CCP1960Building Brighter Futures LimitedBuilding Brighter Futures Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2233Bully Zero Australia FoundationBully Zero Australia Foundation12/05/2015
CCP1247Burnside Hospital Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1137Butterfly Foundation Pty LtdButterfly FoundationThe Butterfly Effect31/12/2016
CCP1841Byron Youth Service31/12/2013
CCP1566Cambodian Children's Fund Australia Trust FundCambodian Children's Fund Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1227Cambodian Orphanage Fund Inc31/12/2009
CCP1478Camp Autism Inc30/06/2011
CCP2243Camp Gallipoli Foundation IncCamp Gallipoli31/12/2016
CCP767Camp Quality Limited05/12/2016
CCP1506Campbell Page Limited31/12/2015
CCP972Cancer & Bowel Research TrustCancer & Bowel Research Association Inc30/04/2010
CCP1660Cancer & Bowel Research Trust (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Trust (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Association (SA) Inc30/09/2012
CCP696Cancer Care Centre Inc14/12/2016
CCP1987Cancer Council Australia.Cancer Council Australia31/12/2015
CCP1732Cancer Five Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1674Cancer Patients Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1499Cancer Voices South Australia Inc31/12/2011
CCP1437Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.30/09/2016
CCP1437Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.National Bandanna Day30/09/2013
CCP727Canteen - The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer.30/09/2009
CCP1773Captain Courageous Children's Medical Research Foundation LtdCaptain Courageous Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1737Care 4 Kids Foundation of Australia Limited31/12/2013
CCP749Care Australia31/12/2016
CCP1045Caredirect Inc30/06/2015
CCP1643Careflight Limited31/10/2017
CCP1708Carelinks South Sudan IncCarelinks South Sudan 31/12/2015
CCP1835Careship CoorongCareship Coorong30/06/2014
CCP2025Caring 4 ASD LimitedCaring 4 ASD Limited31/12/2016
CCP393Carols By Candlelight (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1130Carry For Kids Inc31/12/2016
CCP1130Carry For Kids Inc31/12/2011
CCP1090Catherine House TrustCatherine House Inc07/12/2016
CCP25Catholic Diocesan Charities AppealCatholic CharitiesCatholic Charities Annual Golf Day and Direct Mail Appeals04/05/2017
CCP102Catholic Special Schools IncSt Ann's Special School and St Patrick's Special School30/06/2012
CCP1942CBA Staff Community Fund LtdThe Trustee For Commonwealth Bank Staff Community31/12/2016
CCP741CBM Australia31/05/2017
CCP2159CCSVI Australia IncorporatedCCSVI Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1939CDH AustraliaCDH Australia31/12/2014
CCP966Centacare Catholic Family Services31/12/2008
CCP966Centacare Catholic Family ServicesKokoda Track Fundraising and Hilton Absel Challenge31/12/2011
CCP1518Centenary Institute Medical Research FoundationCentenary Institute30/06/2017
CCP92Central Adelaide Local Health NetworkRoyal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund31/12/2021
CCP92Central Adelaide Local Health NetworkRoyal Adelaide Hospital Research FundRAH Research Institute31/12/2016
CCP1777Central Domestic Violence ServiceCentral Domestic Violence Service31/12/2016
CCP2005Centre of Perinatal Excellence LtdCentre of Perinatal Excellence Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2122Cerebral Palsy Alliance31/12/2016
CCP2182CFC Ancop Australia Ltd30/06/2016
CCP1604Chain Reaction Challenge FoundationChain Reaction Challenge Pty LtdUltimate Corporate Bike Challenge31/12/2016
CCP1209Challenge Cancer Support Network Inc31/12/2016
CCP1209Challenge Cancer Support Network IncThe Biggest Aussie Pie Night31/12/2011
CCP2279Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1681Chariots for Charity IncorporatedChariots for Charity31/12/2012
CCP1698Chartered Accountants Necessitors Cirmcumstances FundChartered Accountants Necessitors Cirmcumstances FundChartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation Limited13/12/2016
CCP2400Checkpoint Organisation LtdCheckpoint Organisation Checkpoint Organisation Ltd30/03/2017
CCP664Child Fund Australia LtdChild Fund Australia31/12/2015
CCP2049Child Wise LtdChild Wise Limited31/12/2016
CCP86Childhood Cancer Association IncHairlarious Day, Ultimate Pie Challenge30/06/2017
CCP1205Children Australia Inc Oz Child31/12/2016
CCP1205Children Australia Inc Oz Child31/12/2014
CCP1509Children First FoundationMiracle Smiles Program31/12/2011
CCP1010Childrens Cancer Institute Australia For Medical ResearchChildrens Cancer Institute AustraliaGold Ribbon Day21/04/2017
CCP1232Childrens Food Education FoundationThe Big FeedThe Big Feed31/12/2014
CCP2364Childrens Hospital Foundation QueenslandChildrens Hospital Foundation02/12/2016
CCP2163Childrens Hospital Foundations Australia31/12/2016
CCP1967Childrens Leukaemia Cancer Research Foundation IncChildrens Leukaemia Cancer Research Foundation Inc01/12/2016
CCP826Children's Medical Research InstituteJeans for Genes Day30/06/2017
CCP1433Childrens Promise Childrens Promise Limited31/12/2013
CCP1433Childrens Promise Childrens Promise LimitedGive an Hour Change the Future31/12/2011
CCP1393Childrens Rights Education & Welfare IncCharity Garage Sale31/12/2011
CCP3984Children's Tumour Foundation of AustraliaNF Australia31/12/2099
CCP1726Childs Vision Pty LtdChilds Vision31/12/2014
CCP2407Chillax4Charity LimitedChillax$Charity 24 Hour Challenge05/01/2017
CCP3968China Matters Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2272Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund Asia Pacific Limited31/12/2016
CCP1406Christians Against Poverty (Australia) Ltd30/06/2016
CCP1463Christina Noble Childrens Foundation Inc30/06/2016
CCP848Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Of Australia Inc31/12/2008
CCP58Churches Of Christ In SA & NT Community Care IncCare Work SA 31/12/2016
CCP2388Cini Australia31/12/2016
CCP2231Circle of Friends Australia IncorporatedCircle of Friends Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1982Citizen Advocacy South Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP4067Climate Council of Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1685Codys Angel Heart Foundation IncorporatedCodys Angel Heart Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1994Coeliac Society of South Australia IncCoeliac South Australia and Northern Territory31/12/2016
CCP1787COME Uganda Incorporated10/04/2017
CCP983Comic Relief Australia31/12/2007
CCP1542Common Ground Adelaide Limited31/12/2016
CCP1308Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund31/12/2014
CCP1286Community Accommodation and Respite Agency IncCara Inc31/12/2016
CCP1512Community Action For People with Disabilities in Africa IncorporatedCAPDA31/12/2016
CCP2971Community Broadcasting Foundation Limited23/06/2017
CCP1108Community Enterprise FoundationSandhurst Trustees Ltd07/12/2016
CCP1175Community Lifestyles Inc31/12/2015
CCP1083Community Living And Support Services (CLASS) Inc31/12/2007
CCP1864Community Placement Network Assistance TrustDavid Kelly & David Krolikowski31/12/2013
CCP1161Compassion Australia31/12/2016
CCP1627Compassionate Hearts Foundation IncorporatedCompassionate Hearts Foundation31/12/2011
CCP1320Connect 3 Foundation Ltd31/12/2009
CCP2029Connect2Group Inc31/12/2015
CCP2576Connecting Up IncConnecting Up Inc23/06/2017
CCP2187Conservation United LimitedConservation United09/12/2016
CCP816Convent of Mercy Adelaide Inc31/12/2007
CCP1199Coopers Brewery Foundation IncThe Trustee for Coopers Brewery Foundation Inc Trust12/12/2016
CCP392Cora Barclay Centre IncLoud Shirt Day, City to Bay Fun Run, Pre-Christmas Appeal and End of Tax Year Appeal05/12/2016
CCP4064Corethics Limited31/12/2099
CCP688Council On The Ageing (SA) IncCota (SA)31/12/2016
CCP3900Country Education Foundation of Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP680Country Fire Service Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1249Country Life Community Care Inc30/06/2014
CCP1248Country Life Compassion Inc30/06/2015
CCP1248Country Life Compassion Inc31/12/2016
CCP1536Country North Community Services IncSA Country Carers01/12/2016
CCP1989Courtney's Journey with Romberg's31/12/2015
CCP2042Cows for Cambodia LimitedCows for Cambodia Limited31/12/2016
CCP2404Crana Plus IncCrana Plus24/08/2016
CCP1350Create Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP3972CREATE Foundation LimitedCREATE Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1221Credit Union Foundation Australia Pty Ltd01/12/2016
CCP1221Credit Union Foundation Australia Pty Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1995Crohns Coutis Cure31/12/2015
CCP2074Cromwell Property Group FoundationCromwell Property Group Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1756Cure Brain Cancer FoundationCure Brain Cancer Foundation31/12/2017
CCP932Cure Cancer Australia Foundation30/06/2017
CCP2269Cure For MND Foundation IncCure For MND Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2088Cure Kids Limited31/12/2016
CCP1609Cure4CF Foundation LimitedCure4CF Foundation13/12/2016
CCP683Cystic Fibrosis SA Inc30/09/2008
CCP683Cystic Fibrosis SA IncAnnual Appeal30/06/2017
CCP1447Dance 4 Down Syndrome Incorporated28/02/2011
CCP1447Dance 4 Down Syndrome IncorporatedDance 4 Downs Syndrome 2010 Danceathon31/12/2010
CCP1391Daniel Morcombe Foundation IncDay For Daniel31/12/2014
CCP1391Daniel Morcombe Foundation IncDay For Daniel13/12/2016
CCP2011Dare2Dream Foundation IncDare2Dream Foundation Inc31/12/2017
CCP996Daw House Hospice Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP996Daw House Hospice Foundation Inc31/12/2009
CCP1307Day of Difference Foundation LimitedBenefit Ball, Golf Day and Direct Mail Appeals31/12/2016
CCP1760Daynation Limited31/12/2012
CCP2360Days for Girls Australia Ltd19/05/2017
CCP1047Deaf Australia Inc28/02/2011
CCP1574Deaf Community & Sports SA Inc20/12/2016
CCP1337Deafness FoundationButterfly Badge Appeal30/09/2017
CCP1281DEBRA A (SA) IncButterfly Day12/01/2015
CCP1264Debra Australia LtdDebra Australia08/12/2016
CCP1093Delta Society Australia Limited31/12/2014
CCP1882Denise at PawsDenise at Paws14/07/2015
CCP1070depressioNetWinter Appeal, Christmas Appeal and others31/03/2010
CCP1550Destiny Rescue Ltd17/05/2017
CCP1907Devil Island Project Inc31/12/2017
CCP1812Diabetes Australia Limited01/12/2016
CCP3350Diabetes Australia Limited31/12/2099
CCP3349Diabetes Australia Research Limited as Trustee of Diabetes Australia Research Trust31/12/2099
CCP1811Diabetes Australia Research Limited as Trusteee of Diabetes Australia Research TrustDiabetes Australia Research TrustDiabetes Australia Research Limited31/12/2016
CCP1250Diabetes Counselling Online IncDiabetes Counselling Online31/12/2016
CCP2139Diabetes NSW31/12/2016
CCP914Dialysis Escape Line Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP2288Dignity ZambiaDignity Zambia14/07/2015
CCP2158Diompillor Kissia SA Inc01/07/2015
CCP1958Disabled Childrens Foundation IncDisabled Childrens Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP2196Doctors for The Environment AustraliaDoctors for The Environment AustraliaDoctors for The Environment Australia24/02/2015
CCP2031Dogs for Kids with Disabilities LimitedDogs for Kids with Disabilities 31/12/2015
CCP2307Donate Your Day LtdDonate Your Day
CCP3789doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Australia Limited31/12/2099
CCP790Down Syndrome of South Australia Down Syndrome of South Australia 30/06/2017
CCP1679Dreamin Foundation Incorporated01/12/2016
CCP2358Dreams2 Live 4Dreams2 Live 430/09/2016
CCP2391Drought Angels Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1084Drug Arm Australasia31/12/2013
CCP1084DRUG ARM Australasia31/12/2012
CCP1384Dry July FoundationDry July LimitedDry July31/12/2016
CCP1364Duchenne Foundation IncDuchenne Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1498Earth Garden Foundation Australia Ltd31/12/2014
CCP2008Eating Disorders Association Of South Australia Inc30/06/2016
CCP676Eating Disorders Association Of South Australia Inc31/12/2008
CCP2021EBL Disability Services Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP548ECH Inc31/12/2016
CCP2170Eczema Association of Australasia IncorporatedEczema Association of Australasia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1135Edmund Rice Camps (SA) Inc30/06/2017
CCP2737Edmund Rice Camps (SA) Inc31/12/2099
CCP1932Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia)30/06/2017
CCP1932Edmund Rice Foundation (Australia)30/06/2017
CCP1430Elizabeth Bowey Lodge IncHalloween Ball28/02/2011
CCP2164Emerge Australia13/04/2015
CCP4053Emergency Action Alliance31/12/2099
CCP2133Emergency Medicine Foundation LimitedEmergency Medicine Foundation09/09/2014
CCP2412Emilys VoiceEmilys Voice11/01/2017
CCP1000Encounter Centre Inc31/12/2016
CCP2322End Homelessness SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2178Endometriosis Australia LtdEndometriosis Australia31/12/2016
CCP1519Engineering Aid AustraliaThe Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School28/02/2011
CCP1263Engineers Without Borders Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP1263Engineers Without Borders Australia Limited31/12/2010
CCP1507Entertainment Assist01/12/2016
CCP2389Environmental Defenders Office Ltd - Sydney15/07/2016
CCP1131Epilepsy Association Epilepsy Action Australia31/12/2017
CCP621Epilepsy Association Of South Australia And The Northern Territory IncThe Epilepsy Centre13/12/2016
CCP1893Equals Foundation LimitedEquals Foundation19/01/2015
CCP851Errol Noack House Inc31/12/2007
CCP1258Ethiopiaid Australia FoundationEthiopiaidEthiopiaid Australia Ltd12/12/2016
CCP1397Every Home Global Concern LimitedGlobal Concern 31/12/2016
CCP1776Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation IncEyre Peninsula Community Foundation IncThe Trustees of the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation Inc31/12/2014
CCP1776Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation IncEyre Peninsula Community Foundation IncThe Trustees of the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation Inc02/12/2016
CCP2119Families 4 Families IncorporatedFamilies 4 Families Incorporated16/09/2014
CCP1559Fanconi Anaemia Australia Ltd31/12/2011
CCP2171FARDA (Tomorrow) Association Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP994Fauna Rescue Of South Australia Inc30/09/2017
CCP1325Feed The Children Australia31/12/2009
CCP1325Feed The Children Australia28/02/2011
CCP2194Feel The Magic Limited31/12/2016
CCP1206Fernwood Foundation LimitedWishes For Women31/12/2009
CCP3824Feros Care31/12/2099
CCP977Fight Cancer Foundation30/06/2017
CCP1799Fighting Chance AustraliaFighting Chance Australia02/12/2016
CCP1933Filipino Health Professionals and Friends International Association Incorporated30/06/2015
CCP2414Findex Community Fund LimitedFindex Community Fund03/01/2017
CCP1749Fire Foundation LtdFire Foundation31/12/2016
CCP4040Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation31/12/2099
CCP1254First National Foundation Trust FundFirst National Foundation Ltd30/06/2013
CCP1254First National Foundation Trust FundFirst National Foundation Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1424Fitted For WorkFitted For Work Limited28/09/2017
CCP2248Fix The Nation Desexing and Rehoming Program31/12/2016
CCP1603Fleurieu Cancer Network31/12/2011
CCP1687Fleurieu Cancer Support Foundation Incorporated31/10/2017
CCP1889Fleurieu Community Foundation LtdThe Trustee for Fleurieu Community Foundation Open Fund31/12/2016
CCP2033Fleurieu Community Foundation LtdThe Trustee for Fleurieu Community Foundation Public Fund31/12/2016
CCP1597Flexi Care Inc31/12/2011
CCP3755Flicker of Hope Foundation Limited31/12/2099
CCP1867Flicks Cat Rescue & Adoption IncorporatedFlicks Cat Rescue & Adoption 31/12/2014
CCP699Flinders Medical Centre Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1426Flinders Overseas Health Group Inc31/12/2010
CCP1426Flinders Overseas Health Group Inc31/12/2020
CCP4018Flinders Ranges Ediacara Foundation31/12/2099
CCP765Florey Medical Research Foundation30/06/2011
CCP1207Food Water Shelter Inc31/12/2008
CCP2368Foodbank Australia LtdFoodbank Australia31/12/2016
CCP939Foodbank of South Australia IncFoodbank SA31/12/2011
CCP939Foodbank of South Australia IncFoodbank SA08/12/2016
CCP1184Footy Gladstone Appeal Fund31/12/2007
CCP2206Forever Ferrets Rescue SA31/12/2017
CCP3880Forever Wild31/12/2099
CCP1076Foundation 21 IncorporatedBuddy Walk30/06/2015
CCP3936Foundation Adelaide Festival Public Ancillary Fund31/12/2099
CCP1895Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education.31/12/2016
CCP1531Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia Limited31/12/2016
CCP975Foundation For Australia's Most Endangered Species Inc31/12/2007
CCP2162Foundation for Breast Cancer Care Limited05/12/2016
CCP1121Foundation of Public Safety Professionals30/06/2009
CCP1312Foundation Shine Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP2267Four Paws Australia (Animal Welfare) Limited02/12/2016
CCP1423Frederic Ozanam Housing Association Inc28/02/2011
CCP1210Free Lebanon Inc31/12/2007
CCP1489Free The Bears Fund IncFree The Bears Fund31/12/2012
CCP1781Free to Shine Limited31/12/2013
CCP2079Freedom Hill Sanctuary Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1353Freetobekids Foundation.FreetobkidsFree To Be Kids Ltd31/12/2013
CCP1323Friedreich Ataxia Research Association - VIC31/12/2011
CCP1826Friedreich Ataxia Research Association - VIC31/12/2014
CCP2390Friends of Mithra Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1314Friends of the Disabled Children's Task Force Inc10/07/2009
CCP1219Friends Of The Earth (Melbourne) Inc31/12/2007
CCP1220Friends Of The Earth Australia Inc31/12/2007
CCP1313Friends of the Under Priviledged Children's Task Force Inc10/07/2009
CCP1006Friends Of The Vietnamese Invalid Veterans Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP2261From Page To Stage Ltd
CCP2211From The Ground Up Ltd08/06/2016
CCP3875FSHD Global Research Foundation Limited31/12/2099
CCP1596FSHD Global Reserch Foundation Limited09/12/2016
CCP2219Fundraising Institute AustraliaFIA, Doing Good Australia16/01/2015
CCP1322Future2 Foundation LimitedFuture231/12/2017
CCP2201Gallang Place Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation31/10/2016
CCP1369Games4Kids IncorporatedGames4KidsEaster Appeal, Christmas Appeal31/12/2009
CCP1580Garvan Research FoundationGarvan Research Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP1061Gawler Health Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1555Genesis Pregnancy Support Inc31/12/2015
CCP1647GFA Aid Australia Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1985Givematcher Public Fund and Givematcher Charitable FundGivematcher Australia Pty Ltd03/12/2016
CCP1666Giving One Percent Incorporated31/12/2012
CCP2357Givit Listed LtdGivit Listed Ltd01/12/2016
CCP1107Glaucoma Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1107Glaucoma Australia Inc30/06/2010
CCP4057Global Awakening Fund Australia31/12/2099
CCP1297Global Development Group31/12/2015
CCP2228Global Kids Charitable TrustReuben Paul Richard Cunningham and Kay Larraine Cunnigham10/02/2015
CCP1539Good Beginnings Australia LimitedGood Beginnings Australia 31/12/2015
CCP1335Good Return LimitedGood Return02/12/2016
CCP2069Good Shepherd MicrofinanceGood Shepherd Microfinance31/12/2015
CCP2113Good2Give ATF The Medibank Health Research FundGood2Give31/12/2016
CCP989Good2Give Community FundGood2Give04/05/2017
CCP2345Good360 Australia LimitedGood360 Australia Limited
CCP1979Good360 Australia Limited.Good360 Australia Limited31/12/2016
CCP3907GOOD360 AUSTRALIA LTD31/12/2099
CCP2034Goodes OLOughlin FoundationGoodes OLOughlin FoundationThe Goodes OLoughlin Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP2283Gospel for Asia Australia IncGospel for Asia Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1694GPA Andrew Ursini Charitable FundGPA Andrew Ursini Charitable FundGPA Charities Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1750Graceworks Myanmar Inc31/12/2012
CCP1689Grameen Foundation (Australia) Limited31/12/2012
CCP2175Grandparents For Grandchildren SA Inc17/03/2015
CCP2245Grandparents For Grandchildren SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1930Great Cycle Challenge Foundation LimitedGreat Cycle Challenge30/06/2015
CCP574GROW (SA Branch)Street Appeal, Family Fair Day, Cadbury Fundraiser02/12/2016
CCP2216Growing with Gratitude12/05/2015
CCP2147Guardian Angel Animal Rescue SA IncGuardian Angel Animal Rescue (GAAR)31/12/2016
CCP492Guide Dogs Association of SA and NT Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1487Habitat for Humanity Australia 02/12/2016
CCP1328Habitat For Humanity Australia SA31/12/2015
CCP1739Hae Australasia LtdHae Australasia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP4180HAE Australasia LtdHAE Australasia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1678Haemophilia Foundation Australia01/07/2015
CCP2311Hagar Australia LtdHagar Australia Ltd30/06/2017
CCP1723Half The Sky Foundation Australia LimitedHalf The Sky Foundation Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1088Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited31/12/2017
CCP1911Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Limited01/12/2016
CCP1287Hands Across The Water Australia31/12/2016
CCP1400Hannahs Foundation LtdHannahs Foundation31/12/2011
CCP3342Happy Snappers Adelaide14/11/2017
CCP1551Happy Villages31/12/2012
CCP1438Hare Krishna Food for Life Inc (SA)ISKCON Caring for Life30/06/2017
CCP1225HBOS Australia Foundation Limited31/12/2008
CCP1634Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation LtdHeadspace11/07/2016
CCP1150Health And Development Aid Abroad - Australia Fund Inc30/06/2017
CCP1273Healthy Communities Foundation Inc31/12/2008
CCP2294Healthy Hips Australia LtdHealthy Hips Australia LtdHealthy Hips Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1119Hear And Say - Centre For Deaf Children Limited01/12/2016
CCP1969Hearing Care Industry Association31/12/2015
CCP2370Heart and Soul Community Group IncHeart and Soul Community Group Inc31/12/2016
CCP1409Heart For India Trust Fund28/02/2011
CCP1291Heart Kids of SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1794Heart Research Australia31/12/2016
CCP2009Heart Research CentreHeart Research Centre31/12/2015
CCP57Heartbeat Inc.30/06/2017
CCP1778HeartKids Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP1153Hearts Of Hope Australia Limited31/03/2017
CCP4145Hearts of Hope Australia LimitedHearts of Hope Australia Limited31/12/2099
CCP1240Helen Flavel Foundation Inc31/12/2012
CCP1347Help A Child Foundation Australia31/12/2014
CCP2230Help and Nurture Developing Societies Hands Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2268Help Cambodia Australia IncHelp Cambodia Australia Inc31/10/2016
CCP2012Help Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) IncHelp Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) Inc31/12/2018
CCP2012Help Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) IncHelp Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1668Help Save The Furry OnesHelp Save The Furry OnesNicole Hocking27/11/2015
CCP1115Help Sri Lanka - South Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP449Helping Hand Aged Care Inc02/12/2016
CCP956Hepatitis SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1582Hills Disability Housing Inc31/12/2011
CCP1236Hillsong FoundationHillsong Church Ltd30/06/2013
CCP1821Himalayan Children's Education Foundation Pty LtdHimalayan Children's Education Foundation Himalayan Children's Education Foundation 31/12/2014
CCP2099Himalayan Development Foundation Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP2092HIV/AIDS Legal Centre IncorporatedSurry Hills Legal Centre01/12/2016
CCP2386Hope Charitable Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1395Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation IncShades 4 Aids Day01/12/2016
CCP1417Hope For Children Organisation Australia LtdHope For ChildrenThe Santos Great Bike Ride31/12/2011
CCP2129Hope For Life Animal RescueHope For Life Animal Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1991Hope of Congo Inc.28/06/2016
CCP2378Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc.31/12/2017
CCP2247Hope2dayHope2dayLOL Day.Legionaires of Laughter Evendi.Ongoing Fundraising Campaign.Tax Appeal.Christmas Appeal.31/12/2016
CCP1386Hopes and Dreams Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1568House of Hope IncorporatedHouse of Hope30/06/2011
CCP1190Housing Solutions Inc31/12/2008
CCP1420HSP Research Foundation Inc31/12/2015
CCP1420HSP Research Foundation IncCity Bay Fun Run28/02/2011
CCP1959Human and Hope Association IncorporatedHuman and Hope Association Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2207Human and Hope Association IncorporatedHuman and Hope Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP2387Human Appeal Australia Community Care Limited30/06/2017
CCP2001Human Appeal International Australia LimitedHuman Appeal International Australia 31/12/2017
CCP4073Human Rights Law Alliance Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2046Humanist Society of South Australia Incorporated30/04/2015
CCP2151Hunter Medical Research Institute31/12/2016
CCP2379Huntingtons SA & NT IncHuntingtons SA & NT Inc31/12/2016
CCP1771Hush Music Foundation31/12/2012
CCP864Hutt Street CentreHutt Street Centre31/12/2016
CCP1382Hutt Street Centre FoundationHutt Street Centre Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1382Hutt Street Centre FoundationHutt Street Centre FoundationWalk A Mile in My Boots, Touch Wine, Angel For A Day31/12/2010
CCP1644Hybernation Limited31/12/2012
CCP1705IBD Support Australia IncIBD Support Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP1356IGA Community Chest TrustIGA Community Chest LtdIGA Community Chest30/06/2011
CCP1257I-India Project Australia IncorporatedI-India Project Australia31/12/2015
CCP2050IJM Australia LtdInternational Justice Missiion Australia30/06/2017
CCP1233Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation Ltd31/12/2008
CCP1567Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc31/12/2011
CCP3835Immunisation Foundation of Australia31/12/2099
CCP2123Impact 100 South Australia Incorporated03/09/2014
CCP2339In 2 LifeIn 2 Life Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1792In My Shoes LtdThe Warwick Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1098In Network Australia IncIn Network31/12/2013
CCP1664Increase Food Security and Development Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1117Indian Children's Fund31/12/2007
CCP1485Indigenous Community Volunteers05/12/2016
CCP1878Indigenous Foundation of Australia Limited31/12/2014
CCP2234Indigenous Marathon Project FoundationIndigenous Marathon Project15/07/2015
CCP1807Indigo Foundation IncIndigo Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1318Indochina Starfish Foundation Australia Ltd30/09/2017
CCP2347Inner Western Workskills IncDress for Success Adelaide31/12/2016
CCP1293Inner Wheel Australia Incorporated31/12/2017
CCP1293Inner Wheel Australia IncorporatedCoin For A Cord Day for Cord Blood Research31/12/2016
CCP1094Inspire Foundation31/12/2011
CCP1094Inspire Foundation28/02/2011
CCP1648Intellectual Disability Association of South Australia31/12/2016
CCP946Intensive Care FoundationIntensive Care Appeal31/12/2015
CCP946Intensive Care FoundationIntensive Care Appeal31/12/2011
CCP2277Intercultural Training Australia Limited10/07/2015
CCP1973International Anti Poaching Foundation LimitedInternational Anti Poaching Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP1665International Association of Infant Massage Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP1230International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Limited31/12/2016
CCP991International Fund For Animal Welfare (Australia) Pty LtdIFAW31/12/2016
CCP2405International Gospel Centre Inc.31/12/2016
CCP1067International Needs31/12/2016
CCP1187International Social Service AustraliaInternational Social Service Australia31/12/2015
CCP3966International Social Service AustraliaInternational Social Service Australia31/12/2099
CCP1283International Womens Development Agency Inc31/12/2016
CCP1283International Womens Development Agency Inc31/12/2011
CCP1251Interplast Australia & New Zealand31/12/2016
CCP1806Intracranial Hypertension Australia30/09/2012
CCP1471Invicta Services LtdHands On SA28/02/2011
CCP1886Irene Gleeson Foundation (Australia) Ltd30/06/2014
CCP1937Islamic Relief AustraliaIslamic Relief Australia09/12/2016
CCP857James Brown Memorial Trust12/12/2016
CCP2094James Cook UniversityJames Cook University30/06/2016
CCP1243JBWere Charitable Endowment FundNational Australia Trustees Limited31/12/2013
CCP963JDRF AustraliaRide to Cure Diabetes, Walk to Cure Diabetes, Spin to Cure Diabetes31/12/2016
CCP1727Jewish Community Services Incorporated31/12/2012
CCP1544Journey To Grace Foundation Inc31/12/2011
CCP1100Julian Burton Burns TrustJulian Burton Burns Charity Limited 31/12/2015
CCP1244Junction Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1560Just One Village IncOne Village31/12/2011
CCP1425JusticeNet SA IncJusticeNet SAWalk for Justice13/12/2016
CCP1508K.I.D.S. Foundation31/12/2011
CCP1494Kain C&C Charitable FoundationKain C&C Charities Pty Ltd13/12/2016
CCP1166Kairos Prison Ministry Australia30/06/2013
CCP1522Kajokeji Australian Development Initiative (KADI) IncorporatedKADI Australia28/02/2011
CCP1449Kalandan Foundation LimitedKalandan Foundation28/02/2011
CCP2179Kangaroo Island Animal Support IncorporatedKIAS Inc31/12/2017
CCP2402Kangaware Rescue and Refuge IncKangaware31/12/2016
CCP2241Kara House Inc31/12/2016
CCP1631Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP2115Khmer New Generation Organisation Australia Limited31/12/2016
CCP1718Kick Start For Kids Charitable TrustKick Start For KidsKick Start For Kids Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1852Kidney Kids SA IncorporatedKidney Kids SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1085Kids Cancer Research TrustCancer & Bowel Research Association Inc30/04/2010
CCP1659Kids Cancer Research Trust (SA)Kids Cancer Research Trust (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Association (SA) Inc30/09/2012
CCP610Kids Future Kids Inc31/12/2008
CCP2101Kids Hope Aus LtdKids Hope Aus31/12/2016
CCP1612Kids Physio Foundation IncorporatedKids Physio Foundation31/12/2012
CCP1715Kids Under Cover.31/12/2016
CCP2392Kids with Cancer Foundation (Australia) LimitedKids with Cancer Foundation 13/12/2016
CCP43Kidsafe SA Inc30/06/2007
CCP1481KidsXpress LimitedKidsXpress28/02/2011
CCP2090Kiwanis Australia District Charitable Foundation LtdKiwanis Australia District Charitable Foundation LtdKiwanis Australia District Charitable Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1439Kokoda Angels Inc28/02/2011
CCP1324Koto International Limited31/12/2015
CCP1912Labs N Life Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1936Ladder Project FoundationLadderLadder Project Limited30/04/2017
CCP1651Landaid LtdLandaid Ltd31/12/2012
CCP4008Langham Partnership Australia31/12/2099
CCP1843Lara Jean Association IncorporatedLara Jean Association Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP2006Legacy Australia Incorporated Legacy Australia31/12/2016
CCP17Legacy Club of Adelaide Inc30/03/2017
CCP3863Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill Inc.Legacy Club of South Australia and Broken Hill Inc31/12/2099
CCP1145Leukaemia And Blood Disorders Research Trust29/12/2009
CCP2186Life Centre for Youth Development and Empowerment Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1981Life Changing Experiences Foundation LtdLife Changing Experiences Foundation Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2369Life Education SA IncLife Education SA IncLife Education SA IncTelco Foundation "Text to Give" Program30/09/2016
CCP2372Life Project Cambodia LtdLife Project Cambodia31/12/2016
CCP2070Life Stories Australia IncLife Stories Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP1361Life Without Barriers31/12/2016
CCP1404Lifehouse Australia IncLifehouse AustraliaWalk for Women30/06/2010
CCP1235Lifeline Australia LtdLifeline Australia31/12/2016
CCP772Lifeline Country To Coast SA IncLifeline Retail24/7 Casual Clothes Day, Blue Meals Month, Fashion Parade, Heart of Gold Award Dinner31/12/2016
CCP657Lifeline South East (S.A.) Inc31/12/2015
CCP1081Lifes For Living Inc31/12/2013
CCP1081Lifes For Living Inc31/12/2010
CCP1667Life's Little Treasures Foundation LtdLife's Little Treasures Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2205Lifestyle Medicine Foundation Limited20/02/2015
CCP2136Lifting The Spirit01/07/2015
CCP1460Lighthouse Disability Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2235Lil Aussie Prems Foundation IncLil Aussie Prems Wear Green for Prem Day31/12/2016
CCP2442Lil Aussie Prems Foundation IncLil Aussie Prems 15/02/2018
CCP2167Lilla Foundation LimitedLilla FoundationLilla Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1089Limelight Foundation Inc31/12/2008
CCP1953Limestone Coast Dog Rescue31/12/2014
CCP962Lions Hearing Dogs Inc09/06/2017
CCP1558Liptember Foundation31/12/2015
CCP1725Lisa Fahey FoundationLisa Fahey Foundation14/12/2016
CCP1978Little Bags of HopeLittle Bags of Hope31/12/2014
CCP866Little Heroes Foundation Incorporated Little Heroes Foundation16/12/2016
CCP1871Little Legs Dog RescueLittle Legs Dog Rescue30/06/2014
CCP1241Little Livers31/12/2009
CCP2259Liver Kids Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1176Living Rock Ministries IncorporatedCharity Link Australia14/12/2014
CCP1975Living Without Limits Foundation31/12/2015
CCP2134Lost Dogs of Adelaide31/12/2016
CCP2250Lost Pets of South Australia IncLost Pets of South Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP2126Love TwainLove TwainAshleigh J Willby and Ena Vujcic25/07/2014
CCP1292Loxcare IncLoxcare Incorporated30/09/2010
CCP1292Loxcare IncLoxcare Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2004Lucky Little Paws Rescue and Adoption IncorporatedLucky Little Paws Rescue and Adoption 31/07/2016
CCP1785Lucys Champions For Hope31/12/2019
CCP2309Luke Batty Foundation LimitedLuke Batty Foundation Never Alone Campaign31/12/2016
CCP751Lung Foundation Australia30/06/2017
CCP751Lung Foundation Australia30/06/2010
CCP808Lutheran Community CareEaster Appeal, Winter Appeal and Chistmas Hamper Appeal31/12/2016
CCP1311Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteer Association Inc28/02/2012
CCP1671Lymphoma Support & Research Association IncLymphoma Australia31/12/2016
CCP2310Lynch Syndrome Australia LimitedLynch Syndrome Australia Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day31/12/2016
CCP1673M.A. Centre (Aust) Pty LtdM.A. Centre Aust Foundation31/12/2016
CCP969Macular Disease Foundation Australia31/12/2016
CCP1126MAF Australia30/12/2016
CCP2324Magic Moments Foundation31/12/2017
CCP1943Magical Getaway Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1594Magwi Development Agency Australia IncTaste of Africa, Joy Sharing Season Christmas Appeal, Talking Against Povery31/12/2012
CCP1729Mahbobas Promise Incorporated06/12/2016
CCP732Make-A-Wish Foundation Of Australia Ltd30/06/2017
CCP1965Many Threads FundMany Threads Fund31/12/2014
CCP1521Maranatha Hospitals Aid and Development Fund AustraliaMaranatha Health31/12/2016
CCP1968Marie Stopes International Australia25/05/2017
CCP1492Marionlife Community Services Inc23/01/2017
CCP1492Marionlife Community Services Inc31/12/2014
CCP804Mary MacKillop Care SA LtdMary MacKillop Care SA Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2161Mary MacKillop TodayMary MacKillop Today31/12/2016
CCP2270Mary Martin Memorial Fund18/05/2015
CCP844Masonic Homes Limited31/12/2014
CCP1493Mater FoundationMater Hospitals Appeal Ltd28/02/2011
CCP1929Mater FoundationMater Hospitals Appeal Ltd31/12/2015
CCP3813Mates Against Melanoma-The jason Sprott Foundation LimitedMates Against Melanoma -The Jason Sprott Foundation Limited31/12/2099
CCP2371Mates in Construction (Aust) Ltd13/12/2016
CCP1925Mates in Construction SA Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1144McGrath Foundation LtdMcGrath Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1466McGuinness McDermott Foundation Survivorship Services IncorporatedMcGuinness McDermott Foundation Survivorship Services22/12/2016
CCP2350MDC Foundation Ltd AsTrustee For Mother's Day Classic FoundationMother's Day ClassicMDC Foundation LtdMother's Day Classic31/12/2016
CCP1178ME/CFS Australia Ltd31/12/2010
CCP1178ME/CFS Australia Ltd31/12/2009
CCP698ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1381Meals on Wheels (SA) Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1336Meals on Wheels Fraser Coast Inc31/12/2009
CCP3853MECCA Brands Pty Ltd30/06/2021
CCP3861Mecca Brands Pty Ltd03/06/2020
CCP890Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia01/12/2016
CCP3976Media Diversity Australia Limited31/12/2099
CCP1613Media. Entertainment & Arts AllianceAlliance Safety and Solidarity Fund31/12/2011
CCP1528Medical Mission Aid IncMMA Overseas Aid Fund31/12/2015
CCP1947Meeks Menagerie Greyhound Adoption and Pet Rescue Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1422Melanoma Institute Australia 31/12/2016
CCP2121Men of League Foundation LimitedMen of League Foundation Limited30/06/2016
CCP1880Mental Health Association of QueenslandMental Health Associatioin of Australia31/12/2014
CCP1473Mental Illness Fellowship Of South Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP2076Mercy Christian Childrens Ministeries International IncorporatedMCCMIKIDZ31/12/2015
CCP1649Mercy International LtdMercy International Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1114Mercy Ministries Inc30/11/2009
CCP1730Mercy Ships Australia Relief FundMercy Ships Australia14/12/2016
CCP651Military & Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem30/06/2010
CCP1354Millicent and District Community Appeal Inc31/12/2014
CCP1136Millicent And District Hospital And Health Services Inc31/12/2007
CCP1208Millicent Work Option Centre Inc31/12/2008
CCP1222Mind Australia Mind05/12/2016
CCP6Minda Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2260Minderoo Foundation Pty Ltd as trustee for the Minderoo Foundation TrustMineroo Foundation TrustMinderoo Foundation Pty Ltd01/12/2016
CCP1455Mines Victims and Clearance TrustMIVAC31/12/2013
CCP2140Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre31/12/2016
CCP1441Miracle Babies Foundation LimitedNational Awareness Month31/12/2015
CCP2169Mission in Health Care and Development Australian Support Association31/12/2016
CCP2026Mission Massimo Foundation IncMission Massimo31/12/2016
CCP2275Mission Without Borders (Australia) Ltd30/06/2017
CCP878Mission World Aid Inc31/12/2016
CCP1529MJD Foundation Incorporated31/12/2012
CCP1529MJD Foundation LimitedMJD Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP984Modbury Hospital Foundation Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1809Montessori Children's Foundation LimitedMontessori Children's Foundation Montessori Indigenous Children's Trust31/12/2016
CCP1Morialta Charitable Trust FundMorialta Nominees Pty Ltd28/02/2017
CCP1368Morialta Trust Inc28/02/2017
CCP2244MOSH Australia LtdMOSHMOSH Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP3947Motherless Daughters Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1379Motivation Australia Development Organisation Inc07/12/2016
CCP886Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA Inc13/12/2016
CCP1672Motor Neurone Disease Australia IncMND Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1143Mount Gambier And Districts Health Service Inc31/12/2008
CCP1253Movember FoundationThe Movember Group Pty Ltd08/12/2016
CCP2078Moving Paws Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP2334Muddy Puddles Foundation IncorporatedMuddy Puddles Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2181Multiple Birth SA Inc01/05/2015
CCP2789Multiple District 201 of Lions Clubs International Inc30/06/2022
CCP1167Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia LimitedFoundation 5 Million31/12/2009
CCP1167Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia LimitedKiss Goodbye to MS31/12/2016
CCP1490Mummys Wish Inc31/12/2016
CCP1490Mummys Wish IncPaint The Town Red31/12/2015
CCP1682Muna Poudyal Memorial Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP1303Murdoch Childrens Research InstituteThe Foxtel Lap Corporate Challenge and Step-a-thon30/06/2017
CCP1618Murraylands Community Lifestyle FoundationCL Foundation31/12/2015
CCP501Muscular Dystrophy Association Inc (SA)Muscular Dystrophy South AustraliaBow Tie Day (Badge Day), Solidarity March13/12/2016
CCP1378Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP2305Musculoskeletal AustraliaMusculoskeletal Australia03/03/2017
CCP1764Muslim Aid Australia Incorporated31/12/2012
CCP2257My Sisters Scarf IncMy Sisters Scarf IncorporatedMy Sisters Scarf Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2064My Wow Factor LtdMy Wow Factor22/08/2016
CCP982Myer Community Fund LtdMyer Community FundMyer Community Fund Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1270NAB Ancillary FundNational Australia Trustees Ltd31/12/2012
CCP1132Naracoorte Health Service 28/02/2011
CCP2019National Aboriginal Solutions (Aboriginal Corporation)National Aboriginal Solutions 30/09/2016
CCP2189National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) IncNational Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc30/09/2016
CCP2153National ANZAC Centre24/09/2014
CCP1028National Breast Cancer FoundationPink Ribbon Campaign31/12/2016
CCP1440National Centre For Childhood Grief Australia Limited28/02/2011
CCP1669National Council of Churches in AustraliaAct For PeaceNational Council of Churches in AustraliaChristmas Bowl01/12/2016
CCP1124National Dental Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1124National Dental Foundation31/12/2013
CCP2340National Foundation for Medical Research and InnovationNational Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation05/12/2016
CCP670National Heart Foundation Of Australia (South Australian Division) Inc13/04/2017
CCP1800National Police FoundationNational Police FoundationNational Police MemorialWall to Wall Ride For Remembrance31/12/2013
CCP1768National Premmie Foundation IncNPF31/12/2013
CCP4013National Seniors Australia31/12/2099
CCP1740National Sids Council of AustraliaSids and Kids30/09/2013
CCP1813National Stem Cell Foundation of Australia31/12/2016
CCP1015National Stroke Foundation30/06/2013
CCP1015National Stroke Foundation30/06/2017
CCP949Native Animal Network Inc10/12/2016
CCP925Neil Sachse Foundation15/07/2015
CCP1246Nepal - Australia Friendship Assoc (SA) Inc31/12/2008
CCP1105Network For Tsunami Aceh Inc31/12/2007
CCP1461Neuroscience Research Australia30/06/2016
CCP1005Neurosurgical Research Foundation Inc30/09/2017
CCP1868New Hope Cambodia Australia Ltd31/12/2014
CCP3910Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation31/12/2099
CCP3937Next Steps Australia LtdNext Steps Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2255NF AustraliaChildrens Tumour Foundation of Australia (CTF)Christmas Appeal, NF Walks, Cupid's Undie Run, Corporate Commando, Tax Appeal31/12/2016
CCP4320Ngarrimili LtdNgarrimili Ltd21/02/2024
CCP4011North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2010Northern Adelaide Medicare LocalNorthern Adelaide Medicare Local Limited31/12/2015
CCP26Novita Childrens ServicesDown Every Street Appeal14/12/2016
CCP1511Nurse Care International Foundation Incorporated30/06/2012
CCP2120NurseLink Foundation LimitedNurseLink31/12/2016
CCP2316OC Challenge Incorporated30/06/2017
CCP4176Ocean Warriors Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2341Oesophageal Atresia Research AssociationOara31/12/2016
CCP4Offenders Aid & Rehabilitation Services of SA IncOARS Community Transitions02/12/2016
CCP1762On The Line Australia Inc.On The Line31/12/2015
CCP1329One By One FoundationOne By One FoundationOne By One Foundation Pty Ltd30/06/2012
CCP2237One Disease at a Time31/12/2016
CCP1606One Dollar Nation Donation Inc31/12/2015
CCP4031One Eighty Avalon Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1820One Girl AustraliaOne Girl30/06/2016
CCP1113OneSight Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2331Open Family Australia05/12/2016
CCP1772Operation Smile Australia Limited31/12/2014
CCP1110Opportunity International Australia LimitedMicro Enterprise Development in India, Phillipines, China and Indonesia30/06/2016
CCP1288Optometry Giving Sight30/06/2009
CCP1288Optometry Giving SightWorld Sight Day Challenge30/06/2017
CCP3085Optometry Giving SightOptometry Giving Sight31/12/2099
CCP498Orana Incorporated02/12/2016
CCP1988Orangutan Foundation International Australia30/09/2015
CCP1909Osteoporosis AustraliaOsteoporosis Australia05/12/2016
CCP1977Our Neighbourhood Pty LtdOur Neighbourhood Trust31/12/2015
CCP1510Ovarian Cancer Australia LtdOvarian Cancer AustraliaAfternoon Teal Campaign, Tax Appeal & Christmas Appeal31/12/2017
CCP1044Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation IncWhite Shirt Campaign12/12/2016
CCP2396Overcoming Multiple SclerosisOvercoming Multiple Sclerosis06/12/2016
CCP927Overseas Children's Aid Association Inc31/01/2017
CCP1245Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid For Life31/12/2008
CCP1004Overseas Specialist Surgical Association of Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP518Oxfam Australia31/12/2016
CCP1818Oz Harvest LimitedOz Harvest Adelaide31/12/2013
CCP1818Oz Harvest LimitedOz Harvest Adelaide31/12/2016
CCP2365PaKT4Change Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1065Palms Australia31/12/2009
CCP2410Pancare Foundation07/12/2016
CCP1714PANDA - Post & Ante Natal Depression Association IncPANDA31/12/2012
CCP3938PANDA-Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia IncPANDA31/12/2099
CCP1677Paraquad Victoria31/12/2015
CCP1171Parent Project Australia Inc31/12/2008
CCP2343Parents Who Have Been There IncorporatedParents Who Have Been There Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP892Parkinson's South Australia Inc09/12/2016
CCP1300Partners in Disability and Development Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1961Pathnhom Akut Mading Angong Community Develop Agency31/01/2016
CCP1703Pathway Community Centre Inc30/06/2015
CCP2062Paws & Claws Adoptions IncorporatedPaws & Claws Adoptions02/12/2016
CCP1432Pay It Forward Charitable Association Incorporated30/06/2010
CCP922PBF (Australia) Ltd31/12/2012
CCP3800Peace at the Crease31/05/2020
CCP1352Peduli Bali (Caring for Bali) Inc31/03/2010
CCP1191Penola War Memorial Hospital Inc31/12/2008
CCP2229Perks FoundationPerks Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP1023Perpetual Trustee Company LimitedPerpetual Trustee Company Limited ATF The Perpetual Foundation06/12/2016
CCP1203Perpetual Trustee Company Limited as trustee for The Centenary FoundationPerpetual Trustee Company Limited as trustee for The Centenary Foundation31/12/2013
CCP1203Perpetual Trustee Company Limited as trustee for The Centenary FoundationPerpetual Trustee Company Limited as trustee for The Centenary Foundation06/12/2016
CCP1883Petbarn FoundationPetbarn Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1401Peter MacCallum Cancer InstitutePeter MacCallum Cancer Foundation Ltd05/12/2016
CCP1402PetRescue LtdPedigree Adoption Drive31/12/2016
CCP2236Pharmacists Support Service IncPharmacists Support Service Inc13/12/2016
CCP490Phoenix Society Inc31/12/2014
CCP490Phoenix Society Inc31/12/2010
CCP1858Physical Disability Council of South AustraliaPhysical Disability Council of South Australia31/12/2014
CCP2110Pink HopePink Hope Community31/12/2015
CCP1080Pixifoto Foundation31/12/2012
CCP2295PKD Foundation of Australia LimitedPKD Australia31/12/2016
CCP28Plan International AustraliaEnd of Financial Year Appeal and Christmas Appeal31/12/2016
CCP1444Planet Give Foundation Trust28/02/2011
CCP1477Plas Prai Foundation Australia Inc31/12/2013
CCP1784Positive Life South Australia IncorporatedPositive Life South Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2317Poverty Awareness Foundation Pty LimitedSave the Kids Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1296Pregnancy Loss Australia IncorporatedField of Angels Appeal31/12/2015
CCP1170Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal30/06/2011
CCP1170Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal31/12/2011
CCP3168Pretty Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2093Priceline Sisterhood Foundation LtdPriceline Sisterhood FoundationPriceline Sisterhood Foundation08/12/2016
CCP1134Prison Fellowship Australia19/05/2015
CCP1783Project DovetailProject Dovetail31/12/2013
CCP2184Project Epona Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1954Project Vietnam Inc03/12/2014
CCP1974Prostate & Breast Cancer Foundation LtdProstate & Breast Cancer Foundation 31/12/2016
CCP1226Prostate Cancer Alliance IncProstate SA30/06/2009
CCP1285Prostate Cancer AustraliaCancer & Bowel Research Association Inc30/04/2010
CCP1657Prostate Cancer Australia (SA)Prostate Cancer Australia (SA)Cancer & Bowel Research Association (SA) Inc30/09/2012
CCP1066Prostate Cancer Foundation of AustraliaProstate Cancer Foundation of Australia Limited31/12/2009
CCP2063PTS Foundation Limited31/12/2015
CCP2124Public Education Foundation LtdPublic Education Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1710Public Interest Advocacy Centre31/12/2015
CCP1569Punya Foundation Inc14/06/2017
CCP1626Quest Equine Welfare Inc31/12/2015
CCP1915Quest For Life FoundationQuest For Life16/01/2017
CCP1200Radiomarathon Australia (Make A Difference For Kids)30/06/2012
CCP2240Raey of Hope Childrens Charity Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP3820Raffles For Remedy Trust31/12/2099
CCP1497Rainbowland Autism Services IncRainbowland Autism Services31/03/2012
CCP2081Rapid Relief Team ( RRT) LtdRapid Relief Team ( RRT) Ltd31/12/2016
CCP3994Raptor Recovery Australia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1828Rare Cancers Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2143RDNS Homecare LimitedRally Homecare31/12/2016
CCP1637Reclink Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP995Reclink SA Inc31/12/2008
CCP1789Red Dust Role Models LtdRed Dust Role Models31/12/2012
CCP1984Red Frogs AustraliaRed Frogs01/07/2016
CCP1326Red Jet FoundationRed Jet Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2012
CCP1700Re-Engage Youth Services IncRe-Engage Youth Services Inc30/06/2017
CCP1172Relationship Australia (SA)31/12/2007
CCP1619Research Australia Ltd31/12/2014
CCP2403Results International (Australia) IncorporatedResults International (Australia)30/06/2017
CCP709Retina Australia (SA) Inc30/09/2017
CCP959Rett Syndrome Australian Research FundAngel Appeal 31/12/2011
CCP3Returned & Services League of Australia (SA Branch) IncAnzac Day Appeal and Poppy Day Appeal30/06/2017
CCP1561Ride Like Crazy IncorporatedRide Like Crazy IncorporatedThe Trustee for Ride Like Crazy IncorporatedRide Like Crazy 201203/12/2016
CCP593Riding For The Disabled Association SA Inc30/06/2016
CCP1049Riverland Christmas Appeal IncRivlerland Christmas Appeal30/09/2017
CCP2271Riverland Division of General PracticeRiverland Division of General Practice31/12/2016
CCP831Riverland Regional Health Service Inc31/12/2008
CCP1810Riverland Wildlife Rescue IncorporatedRiverland Wildlife Rescue Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1169Road Trauma Support Team Of SA Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP1856Rob De Castellas Smart Start For KidsRob De Castellas Smart Start For Kids LimitedRo De Castella31/12/2014
CCP1891Rocket ASD ProfessionalsRocket31/12/2014
CCP678Ronald McDonald House Charities Pty LtdRonald McDonald House Charities TrustMcHappy Day 30/06/2016
CCP1803Room to Read Australia FoundationRoom to Read Australia FoundationRoom to Read Australia Limited14/12/2016
CCP1537Rose Charities Australia LimitedRose Charities31/12/2011
CCP1413Rosemarys Place IncorporatedRosemarys Place28/02/2011
CCP1704Roses In The Ocean LtdRoses In The OceanRoses in the Ocean Day31/12/2016
CCP1445Rotary Club of Adelaide West IncorporatedRotary Club of Adelaide West Incorporated31/12/2019
CCP2199Rotary Club of Adelaide West IncorporatedRotary Club of Adelaide West Incorporated11/12/2014
CCP1024Rotary Club Of Gawler Inc Gawler And District Quality Of Life Foundation14/07/2015
CCP1572Rotary Club of Hindmarsh Island Inc31/12/2011
CCP907Royal Automobile Association of SA Inc31/12/2014
CCP845Royal District Nursing Service Foundation Of SA Inc 31/12/2011
CCP845Royal District Nursing Service Foundation Of SA Inc 31/12/2010
CCP1628Royal District Nursing Service of SA Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1628Royal District Nursing Service of SA Ltd31/12/2013
CCP1998Royal Flying Doctor Service of AustraliaRoyal Flying Doctor Service of Australia31/12/2016
CCP281Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia Central OperationsRFDS Central Operations31/12/2016
CCP1997Royal Guide Dogs Association of AustraliaGuide Dogs Australia31/12/2015
CCP1274Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind ChildrenRoyal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children30/06/2017
CCP37Royal Society For The Blind Of SA IncCharlie' Day, Badge Day and Christmas Appeal31/12/2016
CCP920Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (South Australia) IncRSPCA SA01/12/2016
CCP920Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (South Australia) IncRSPCA SA31/12/2008
CCP36Royal South Australian Deaf Society IncDeaf CanDoChristmas Appeal,Tax Appeal,Newsletter Appeal31/12/2017
CCP1419Royal Zoological Society of South AustraliaZoos SA02/12/2016
CCP998RPH Adelaide IncRadiothon31/12/2011
CCP2048RSL Welfare and Benevolent FundDefence CareRoderick White, Glenn Kolomeitz & William Hardman30/06/2017
CCP1217RSPCA Australia IncorporatedRSPCA Australia05/12/2016
CCP2044RT Families FoundationR&T Families Foundation31/12/2015
CCP1198Ryder-Cheshire Foundation (South Australia) Inc31/12/2014
CCP1183S R Brumby Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Brumby Foundation31/12/2007
CCP1748SA Group Enterprises IncWire Ware, Inprint Design, Aspitech, Your Employment Services31/12/2012
CCP1260SA Power Networks Employee Foundation SA Power Networks Employee Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP954Safe Ground IncorporatedSafe Ground; Australian Network to Ban Landmines & Cluster Munitions (ANBLC)30/06/2021
CCP1742Saharan Tuareg Refugee Relief Inc31/12/2012
CCP1524Salesian Society (Vic) IncAustralian Salesian Mission Overseas Aid Fund02/05/2017
CCP1358Samaritans Purse Australia Limited30/06/2014
CCP1482Sammy D Foundation Inc30/06/2016
CCP2166Sands Australia National Council IncSands Australia31/12/2016
CCP2938Sands Australia National Council Inc.Sands Australia National Council Inc.31/12/2099
CCP1139SANE Australia31/12/2016
CCP2380Sanfilippo Children's Foundation31/12/2016
CCP3552Sarz Sanctuary31/12/2019
CCP2022Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc02/12/2016
CCP993Save The Children Australia31/12/2008
CCP993Save The Children Australia30/06/2017
CCP1294Schizophrenia Research Institute30/06/2017
CCP1294Schizophrenia Research Institute31/12/2009
CCP2359Schoolgoers Pty LtdSchoolgoers04/12/2016
CCP1496Sea Shepherd Australia LimitedSea Shepherd Australia31/12/2016
CCP1920Second Chance Bulldog Breeds RescueSecond Chance Bulldog Breeds Rescue31/12/2014
CCP2273Second Chances SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1824Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Islander Child CareSNSICC31/12/2014
CCP1716Seeds of Affinity - Pathways for Women Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1827Sensory. Autismic. Family. Escapes - South Australia Incorporated S.A.F.E - SA Inc31/01/2014
CCP2332Serenity Farm Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1255Service Persons Support Network Association31/08/2008
CCP1934Shake It Up Australia FoundationShake It Up Australia Limited31/12/2016
CCP1272Sharegift Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP2098Shelterbox AustraliaShelterbox Australia01/12/2016
CCP1758Shoe Boxes of Love Inc31/12/2016
CCP1757Shouldering The Journey Foundation LtdShouldering The Journey Foundation31/12/2015
CCP2168Shout for Good Pty Ltd06/11/2014
CCP1262Siblings Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1415Sight For All Limited31/12/2016
CCP2083Silver Lining Pet Rescue31/12/2015
CCP1840Silvery Gibbon Project IncorporatedSilvery Gibbon Project Incorporated14/12/2016
CCP1952Sim Australia16/01/2017
CCP1751Simaid TrustSimaidSim Australia31/12/2012
CCP2348Sindhu Development Foundation Nepal 2015 IncorporatedSDF Nepal 201531/12/2016
CCP3896Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP3897Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation LtdThe Menzies Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1505Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Incorporated28/02/2011
CCP1505Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation IncorporatedThe Big Roll 201031/12/2010
CCP1554SISHA LimitedSISHA31/12/2013
CCP2374Sisters of the Good Samaritan LtdTrustee for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation30/06/2017
CCP1416Skill Teaching and Resources IncSTAR31/12/2011
CCP1829Skin and Cancer Foundation IncorporatedSkin and Cancer Foundation Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1829Skin and Cancer Foundation IncorporatedSkin and Cancer Foundation Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1486Small Miracles Foundation Inc31/01/2012
CCP1486Small Miracles Foundation Inc31/01/2011
CCP1661Smile Foundation LtdSmile FoundationCycle For Smile31/12/2013
CCP2418Smiles for JakeSmiles for Jake01/12/2016
CCP1918Smiling MindSmiling Mind31/12/2015
CCP2057So They Can30/06/2017
CCP2349Soap Aid Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1746Soldier On Association IncorporatedSoldier OnSoldier On Association Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1746Soldier On Association IncorporatedSoldier OnSoldier On Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP917Sony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia Limited31/12/2008
CCP917Sony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP1646SOS Foundation Ltd31/12/2012
CCP523South Australian Council of Churches Inc31/12/2011
CCP4030South Australian Council of Social Service31/12/2099
CCP1224South Australian Cystinosis Association Incorporated31/12/2008
CCP1884South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute LimitedSouth Australian Health and Medical Research Institute 30/06/2017
CCP1621South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association31/12/2019
CCP973South Australian Medical Research TrustThe Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc31/12/2009
CCP1197South Australian Youth Foundation Inc31/12/2008
CCP978South East Animal Welfare League Of SA Inc30/06/2015
CCP978South East Animal Welfare League Of SA IncPaws Walk around Blue Lake Badge Day30/06/2017
CCP2035South East Crohns Group Inc31/12/2015
CCP1944South Ozz ShelterMoorook Animal Shelter31/12/2017
CCP1944South Ozz ShelterMoorook Animal Shelter31/12/2014
CCP1869South Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency IncorporatedSouth Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency Incorporated28/06/2016
CCP1869South Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency IncorporatedSouth Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency Incorporated31/12/2013
CCP1879Southern Adelaide Fleurieu Kangaroo Island Medicare Local LtdSAFKI Medicare LOcal31/12/2015
CCP2086Southern Cross Austereo Community Foundation LimitedGive me 5 for kids31/12/2015
CCP547Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1836Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd31/12/2014
CCP2406Southern Cross Kids' Camps14/09/2016
CCP1962Southern Domestic Violence Service IncSouthern Domestic Violence Service Inc31/12/2015
CCP2197Southern Fruit and Vege Share31/12/2016
CCP1244Southern Junction Community Services Inc31/12/2013
CCP1091Southland Compassion IncGolf Day31/12/2012
CCP2377Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knight of Malta31/12/2017
CCP1125Spastic Centres Of South Australia Incorporated06/12/2016
CCP1269Special Olympics Australia09/12/2016
CCP557SPELD (SA) Inc31/12/2017
CCP557SPELD (SA) Inc31/03/2010
CCP91Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association Of South Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP1853Spinal Cord Cancer Foundation Pty LtdSpinal Cord Cancer Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2020
CCP1193Spinal Cord Injuries Australia Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1204Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association Of Australia IncThe RARE Campaign08/12/2016
CCP1790Sport MattersSport Matters31/03/2013
CCP3889Sports Chaplaincy Australia Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1346St Basil's Homes For The Aged In South Australia (Vasileias) IncSt Basil's Homes (SA)31/12/2014
CCP2144St George Foundation Limited30/11/2017
CCP27St John Ambulance Australia, South Australia Inc01/12/2016
CCP1304St Johns Youth Services IncSt Johns Youth Services31/12/2015
CCP1900St Kilda Gatehouse IncSt Kilda Gatehouse Inc31/12/2015
CCP4001St Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation IncorporatedSt Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation31/12/2099
CCP69St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) IncVinniesChristmas Appeal; Winter Appeal; The Saint Newsletter; Badge Day; Pillars Of Society Corporate Lunch15/12/2016
CCP2276St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1525STACSA Gunnedah Incorporated30/09/2011
CCP1079Stand Like Stone Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP964Starlight Childrens Foundation Australia30/06/2017
CCP2185Start Foundation LimitedStart Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2212State Emergency Relief FundThe Trustee for State Emergency Relief Fund31/12/2022
CCP1721Steps Foundation Ltd31/12/2012
CCP1720Steps Group Australia Ltd31/12/2012
CCP2117Steve Waugh Foundation - Australia Incorporated as trustee for Steve Waugh FoundationSteve Waugh FoundationSteve Waugh Foundation - Australia Incorporated 31/12/2015
CCP1663Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) IncorporatedSands (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP2821Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) IncorporatedStillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1396Stillbirth Foundation Australia TrustStillbirth Foundation Australia 30/06/2014
CCP1396Stillbirth Foundation Australia TrustStillbirth Foundation Australia 15/05/2017
CCP1593Sto Nino De Filipinas South Australia Incorporated31/12/2011
CCP2335Stop Forward Exchange Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1513Street Swags Ltd31/12/2013
CCP1377Streetsmart Australia Limited Streetsmart Australia31/12/2015
CCP1462Strike A Chord For Cancer IncStrike A Chord For Cancer28/02/2011
CCP884Stroke SA Inc05/12/2016
CCP3926STTARS the Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation ServiceSTTARS31/12/2099
CCP11Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association Of South Australia IncRed Nose Day and City to Bay Fun Run30/09/2016
CCP1780Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) IncSuicide Prevention Australia31/12/2015
CCP1552Summer Foundation Ltd31/12/2011
CCP2252Summer Foundation Ltd.01/12/2016
CCP443Suneden Intellectually Disabled Childrens Association IncSuneden Special School02/03/2017
CCP1372Sunrise Childrens Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP1470Sunrise Co-Operative Housing Inc31/12/2012
CCP1009Support Act Limited31/12/2008
CCP1009Support Act LimitedMusic In The House14/12/2016
CCP1699Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan (SA)SAWA Australia (SA)International Womens Day31/12/2016
CCP2023Support for Mums and their Families Inc31/12/2015
CCP1575Surf Aid International AustraliaSurfAid International30/09/2012
CCP1575Surf Aid International AustraliaSurfAid International30/09/2016
CCP1054Surf Life Saving FoundationSurf Life Saving FoundationBoardies Day13/12/2016
CCP72Surf Life Saving South Australia IncSurf Life Saving SA15/12/2016
CCP1215Surge AustraliaSupporting Uganda's Re-Growth Efforts Inc20/06/2020
CCP1476Survivor Foundation Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1735Survivors AustraliaSurvivors Australia Ltd30/11/2012
CCP1212SUSTAIN Projects - Myanmar IncSUSTAIN Projects - Myanmar Inc30/06/2017
CCP1599Swags For Homeless Ltd05/12/2016
CCP1850Sweethearts Anonymous IncorporatedSweethearts Anonymous Incorporated04/12/2016
CCP580SYC Ltd.SYC Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2249Sydney Childrens Hospital FoundationSydney Childrens Hospital Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1500Symbiosis International31/12/2017
CCP1928Tafe Directors Australia National Scholarships FoundationTafe Directors Australia National Scholarships Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1427Talkback Association for Aphasia IncCity to Bay Fun Run31/12/2011
CCP1103Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (Australia) Ltd30/06/2010
CCP3969Tangaroa Blue Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2303Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)31/12/2019
CCP1547Team Vista LtdTeam Vista31/01/2012
CCP1013Tear Australia31/12/2016
CCP1265Technical Aid To The Disabled (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1265Technical Aid To The Disabled (SA) Inc31/12/2008
CCP4077Ted Noffs Foundation LimitedTed Noffs Foundation31/12/2099
CCP863Teen Challenge SA Inc09/12/2016
CCP2157Teen Rescue Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP536Telethon IncorporatedTelethon SA13/12/2016
CCP1202Tenix Foundation TrustTenix Foundation Pty Ltd 31/12/2015
CCP1641The 2H Project Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1526The 40K Foundation Australia FundThe 40K Foundation Australia LtdBig Night Out30/06/2014
CCP2338The A21 Campaign LimitedThe A21 Campaign30/06/2017
CCP1754The Adelaide Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research Foundation TrustAustralian Melanoma Research Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1348The Against Malaria Foundation (Australia) LtdThe Against Malaria Foundation31/12/2015
CCP1348The Against Malaria Foundation (Australia) LtdThe Against Malaria Foundation28/02/2011
CCP1129The Alannah And Madeline Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP2108The Alex McKinnon Foundation Pty Ltd as trustee for RiseForAlex FundRiseForAlex FundThe Alex McKinnon Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1656The Alyna and Friends TeamAlyna & Friends31/12/2012
CCP3149The AMA Indigenous Medical Scholarship Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1535The ARA Research TrustAustralian Rheumatology Association31/12/2012
CCP1071The Arnott's FoundationThe Arnott's Foundation Pty Ltd 12/12/2016
CCP3816The Arnott's FoundationThe Arnott's Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1163The Australia Cambodia Foundation IncSunrise Cambodia31/12/2016
CCP1298The Australian Chapter Of The Batten Disease Support and Research Association Incorporated01/12/2016
CCP1734The Australian Foundation For The Peoples of Asia and The Pacific LimitedThe Australian Foundation For The Peoples of Asia and The Pacific Limited01/12/2016
CCP1418The Australian Literacy and Numeracy FoundationWall of Hands30/06/2017
CCP2282The Australian Rhino ProjectThe Australian Rhino Project31/03/2017
CCP2075The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust31/12/2016
CCP3821The Australian Tennis Foundation03/06/2020
CCP1538The Bali Street Dog AssociationThe Bali Street Dog Fund31/12/2016
CCP2112The Ben Everson Disability TrustThe Ben Everson Disability TrustAdam Joseph Harris & Joanne Enright31/12/2016
CCP1709The Benevolent Society31/12/2016
CCP2145The Big Book Club Inc19/09/2014
CCP1676The Big Health Foundation Limited31/12/2012
CCP1162The Bionics Institute of AustraliaBionics Institute12/12/2016
CCP1075The Brian And Maxine Newell Prostate Cancer Research Foundation31/12/2011
CCP894The Brother Michael Christmas Hamper Appeal Inc31/12/2017
CCP2077The Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Australia IncTzu Chi Australia31/12/2016
CCP2809The Burnside Hospital Foundation Inc20/11/2017
CCP4190The Bushfire Foundation Inc31/12/2099
CCP1736The Butterfly Movement Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2128The Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia LtdThe Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia Ltd24/12/2016
CCP1375The Carers Association Of SA IncCarers SA28/02/2011
CCP1317The Cerebral Palsy Foundation Pty LtdCerebral Palsy Foundation31/12/2009
CCP1038The Charitable Foundation For Books In Homes Australia31/12/2016
CCP1491The Child's Place (Australia) Fund The Child's Place (Australia) Fund Pty Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1349The Coeliac Research Fund Limited31/12/2011
CCP1645The Community Church of Inclusive Wicca IncThe Community Church of Inclusive Wicca Inc31/12/2012
CCP4019The David Roche Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1822The Defence Bank Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1950The Developing Foundation IncThe Developing Foundation Inc31/12/2014
CCP460The Diabetic Association of South Australia IncDiabetes SATax Appeal, Christmas Appeal, Winter Lottery and Summer Lottery12/12/2016
CCP460The Diabetic Association of South Australia IncDiabetes SATax Appeal, Christmas Appeal, Winter Lottery and Summer Lottery31/12/2013
CCP1861The Diamond Jubilee Trust AustraliaThe Diamond Jubilee Trust Australia Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1374The Difference Charitable Trust31/12/2011
CCP1266The Disability Information and Resource Centre Inc31/12/2011
CCP1154The Disabled And Disadvantaged Childrens Association Inc31/12/2015
CCP3890The Don Dunstan FoundationDon Dunstan Foundation31/12/2099
CCP888The Elle And Declan Foundation Inc31/12/2007
CCP1622The Ernst & Young FoundationErnst & Young Foundation Pty Limited05/12/2016
CCP4078The Essential Foundation Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1548The Flight Centre Foundation TrustFlight Centre Foundation Pty Ltd15/12/2016
CCP1428The Food Centre Inc31/12/2016
CCP2007The Foundation for Young AustraliansThe Foundation for Young Australians
CCP1380The Fragile X Association of Australia IncFragile X Awareness Day31/12/2016
CCP818The Fred Hollows Foundation13/12/2016
CCP722The Freemasons Foundation IncPort 2 Port Motorcycle Rally; Freemasons Foundation Mens Health Appeal08/12/2016
CCP3978The Friends of the ABC (SA) Inc31/12/2099
CCP1029The Friends Of The Repatriation General Hospital Inc31/12/2016
CCP1446The Friends Of The Womens and Childrens Hospital Inc31/12/2016
CCP1533The Gold Foundation IncorporatedThe Gold Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2202The Good FoundationThe Good Foundation Pty Ltd12/05/2015
CCP1503The Goodes OLoughlin Foundation Ltd22/08/2016
CCP1017The Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter IncHahndorf Shelter31/12/2016
CCP2397The Harding Miller Education Foundation 31/12/2016
CCP1407The Harper Bernays Charitable TrustHarper Bernays Limited and Sandhurst Trustees Limited31/12/2014
CCP1407The Harper Bernays Charitable TrustHarper Bernays Limited and Sandhurst Trustees Limited31/12/2016
CCP1662The Harris Foundation31/12/2014
CCP682The Head Injured Society Of SA Inc31/12/2007
CCP774The Heart Research Institute LtdThe Heart Research Institute 30/06/2012
CCP774The Heart Research Institute LtdThe Heart Research Institute 30/06/2017
CCP1819The HIA Charitable FoundationThe HIA Charitable Foundation30/06/2014
CCP1421The Hudson Maher Foundation Inc31/12/2012
CCP965The Humour FoundationThe Clown Doctors05/12/2016
CCP1182The Hut Community Centre IncThe Hut31/12/2016
CCP1557The International Nepal Fellowship (Aust) LtdINF Australia31/12/2015
CCP1642The Joshua Bond Charitable Fund IncDesert Road Appeal31/12/2012
CCP1282The Kids' Cancer Project15/12/2016
CCP1052The Leprosy Mission Australia31/12/2017
CCP1216The Leukaemia Foundation Of Australia LimitedWorlds Greatest Shave and Light The Night31/12/2012
CCP1216The Leukaemia Foundation Of Australia LimitedWorlds Greatest Shave and Light The Night31/12/2015
CCP1719The Lin Launder Appeal Trust31/12/2013
CCP1696The Long Walk TrustThe Long WalkThe Long Walk Pty Ltd31/12/2012
CCP2232The MacFarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health LtdBurnet Institute30/06/2017
CCP1586The Mary MacKillop Foundation LimitedMary MacKillop Foundation31/12/2013
CCP710The Mary Potter Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP511The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of SA & NT IncThe MS Society of SA & NT31/12/2016
CCP1201The Oaktree Foundation Australia 31/12/2007
CCP1483The Oaktree Foundation AustraliaThe Oaktree Foundation Australia09/12/2016
CCP3962The Order of St Philip Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1690The Otis Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1541The Palliative Care Council of South AustraliaTime to Remember Appeal, Chistmas Memory Tree Appeal, Walk for Palliative Care Appeal31/12/2015
CCP500The Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of SA IncPara Quad SA31/12/2015
CCP1488The Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch Inc31/12/2019
CCP1488The Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch Inc31/12/2016
CCP1857The Pyjama FoundationThe Pyjama Foundation31/12/2013
CCP1306The Qantas FoundationQantas Foundation Trustee Limited31/12/2014
CCP708The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research FoundationThe Hospital Research FoundationAustralian Breast Cancer Research, Australian Prostate Cancer Research, Australian Heart Research, Kidney, Transplant & Diabetes Research Australia, Allied Health Research SA, Centre for Creative Health, Supercycle, Longest Table, Cure for Stroke Australi31/12/2016
CCP784The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation IncThe Sports Girl Quest31/12/2009
CCP1443The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc..Australian Breast Cancer Research.31/12/2010
CCP2141The Ranch IncUniting Care Eleanora or Eleonora Centre12/12/2016
CCP3307The RANZCO Eye Foundation LtdThe RANZCO Eye Foundation Ltd23/04/2018
CCP1231The Relief Fund of the Baptist Churches of South AustraliaBaptist Churches of South Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP904The Religious Society Of Friends (Adelaide Meeting) IncReligious Society of Friends Quaker Shop31/03/2012
CCP1744The Religious Society of Friends (South Australia Regional Meeting) IncorporatedReligious Society of Friends Quaker Shop31/03/2013
CCP870The Repat Foundation IncorporatedThe Road Home, Snowdrops Hope for PTSD, Snowdrops for Hope31/12/2016
CCP988The Rosemary Foundation For Memory Support Inc31/12/2015
CCP1012The Ross Divett Foundation Limited31/12/2011
CCP2333The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and GynaecologistsThe Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists02/12/2016
CCP1305The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists Eye Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP1148The Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners31/12/2017
CCP2198The Royal Childrens Hospital FoundationThe Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2135The Sabrina Mangos FoundationS Mangos Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP150The Salvation Army (SA) Property TrustThe Salvation Army06/12/2016
CCP1458The Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Research Foundation Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1684The Scarlett FoundationCity to Bay and Selling Red Boots31/12/2012
CCP1185The Shane Warne Foundation28/04/2014
CCP1587The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation LtdThe Menzies Foundation06/12/2016
CCP1769The Skin Cancer Network Ltd31/12/2012
CCP778The Smith Family - Sydney31/12/2016
CCP2146The Society for Mental Health Research IncThe Society for Mental Health Research31/03/2016
CCP1188The Society Of Saint Hilarion IncThe Society Of Saint Hilarion Inc31/12/2011
CCP1188The Society Of Saint Hilarion IncThe Society Of Saint Hilarion Inc13/12/2016
CCP1450The Song Room LimitedThe Song Room30/06/2017
CCP2193The South Australian Vietnam Charity Group Inc31/12/2016
CCP2055The South East Junction, Mental Health Activity and Resource Centre Inc02/12/2016
CCP1598The Spastic Centre of New South WalesCerebral Palsy Alliance31/12/2011
CCP2210The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) IncThe Sunflower Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1624The Tom Goodfellow Memorial Assistance Fund IncorporatedThe Tom Goodfellow Memorial Trust Fund31/12/2017
CCP1872The Trust Company FoundationThe Trust Company Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1680The Trustee for EJ Whitten FoundationE.J Whitten FoundationEdward John Whitten and Ross James Hughes31/12/2012
CCP2222The Trustee for Jacks FundGive Jack EarsBen Simon Robertson, Amy Rebecca Robertson, Alex James Eyre and Mark James Gowans31/12/2016
CCP1066The Trustee for Prostate Cancer Foundation of AustraliaProstate Cancer Foundation of Australia31/12/2016
CCP3883The Trustee for Raise Foundation31/12/2099
CCP2091The Trustee for Southern Cross Austereo Community Ancillary FundSCA Community Fundraising LimitedGive Me 5 for kids31/12/2016
CCP3953The Trustee for the AAM Investment Group Natural Disaster Fund31/12/2099
CCP1728The Trustee for the Australian Galactosaemia Support NetworkAustralian Galactosaemia Support Network31/12/2014
CCP4171The Trustee for The David Roche Foundation31/12/2099
CCP3995The Trustee for the Findex Community Fund31/12/2099
CCP3914The Trustee for the LBW Trust31/12/2099
CCP3908The Trustee for the Petbarn Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1905The Trustee for The Snowdome FoundationThe Trustee for The Snowdome FoundationSnowdome Limited31/12/2016
CCP1830The Trustee for Tour De Cure TrustTour De Cure Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2066The Unicorn FoundationThe Unicorn Foundation31/12/2015
CCP4032The Vaishnav Sangh of Adelaide31/12/2099
CCP1832The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research31/12/2016
CCP1475The Womens Housing Association Inc28/02/2011
CCP1983The Yoga FoundationThe Yoga Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2242Therapeutic Dog Services IncorporatedTherapeutic Dog Services IncorporatedWalking in Codys Pawprints31/12/2016
CCP1692Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Limited28/04/2017
CCP1692Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Limited30/06/2014
CCP1431Tia International Aid Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1838Ties For Lives Group Ltd ATF Ties For Lives FoundationTies For Lives31/12/2014
CCP1189Time For Kids Foundation Inc31/12/2011
CCP90Time For Kids Inc31/12/2015
CCP1214Timpir Inc31/12/2016
CCP2183Tiny Talls Rescue Adelaide IncTiny Talls Rescue Adelaide31/12/2016
CCP1502TLC For Kids Inc31/12/2015
CCP12Toc H South Australia Inc30/03/2017
CCP2264Top Livin LimitedTop Livin Limited15/05/2015
CCP46Townsend House Inc Can:Do 4Kids12/12/2016
CCP1530Tradewinds Overseas Aid Gift FundTradewinds Tea and Coffee Pty Ltd28/02/2011
CCP1351Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group LimitedTROG Cancer Research30/06/2017
CCP1562Trans World Radio Inc30/06/2011
CCP934Transform Aid International Ltd08/12/2016
CCP1825Trans-Help Foundation Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1036Transplant Australia Limited31/12/2008
CCP1376Transplant Australia Ltd.30/06/2017
CCP2286Treasure BoxesTreasure Boxes31/12/2016
CCP2045Treasure For Little Treasures Inc31/07/2016
CCP3352Trees For Life IncorporatedTrees For Life31/12/2099
CCP2292Trustee for the Womens Cancer FoundationWomens Cancer Foundation31/12/2016
CCP382Tubercular Soldiers' Aid Society Of SA Inc.TB Soldiers Aid Society SA Inc.31/12/2016
CCP2087Tuberous Sclerosis Australia IncorporatedTuberous Sclerosis Australia10/12/2016
CCP1972Tutti Ensemble Incorporated30/06/2015
CCP1414Tutti Enterprises IncDo it For Dougie30/06/2010
CCP1786U Make a Difference LtdU Make a Difference (UMAD)31/12/2013
CCP1408UCare Gawler IncorporatedUCare Gawler31/12/2015
CCP1365UN Women Australia Incorporated05/12/2016
CCP1082UNICEF Australia Health Limited30/06/2010
CCP602United Way South Australia Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP602United Way South Australia Incorporated31/12/2010
CCP1896Uniting Church in AustraliaUniting World31/12/2016
CCP1256Uniting Church In Australia Frontier ServicesFrontier Services31/12/2016
CCP1256Uniting Church In Australia Frontier ServicesFrontier Services31/12/2014
CCP35Uniting Communities Inc31/12/2016
CCP1931Uniting in Care Salisbury Inc05/12/2016
CCP383Unitingcare Adelaide East Inc31/01/2011
CCP54Unitingcare Wesley Bowden IncWinter Appeal, Christmas Appeal and Winter Warm-up Walk31/12/2016
CCP1157UnitingSA Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1157UnitingSA Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1904Universal Charitable Fund Pty LtdUniversal Charitable Fund Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP695Variety - The Childrens Charity31/03/2017
CCP1957Variety Australia Limited31/03/2015
CCP2204Vascular FoundationVascular FoundationThe Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery Inc31/12/2016
CCP2152Velo Cardio Facial Syndrome & 22Q11 Foundation of NSW IncVCFS & 22Q11 Foundation09/04/2015
CCP2385Very Special KidsVery Special Kids Childrens Hospice31/12/2016
CCP1854Vets Beyond Borders31/12/2013
CCP2990Vibrational Individuation Programme Incorporated13/10/2017
CCP1865Vibrational Indviduation Programme Inc31/12/2016
CCP3667Vibrational Indviduation Programme Inc30/10/2023
CCP2056Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute06/12/2016
CCP2281Victorian AIDS Council IncWorld Aids Day December 1st31/12/2016
CCP2020Vietnam Mission CharityVietnam Mission Charity30/06/2015
CCP1092Vietnam Veterans Association Of Australia - South Australian Branch Inc30/06/2017
CCP1284Vietnam Veterans' Federation South Australian Branch Inc30/06/2009
CCP4093Virtual War Memorial Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1702Vision Australia20/12/2016
CCP1851Vitamin Angels Australia31/12/2014
CCP1174Voiceless Limited31/12/2016
CCP2191VOWS (Victims of Workcover System)12/05/2015
CCP1636Wakou Australian Aid Association IncWakou Australian Aid Association31/12/2014
CCP2297Walk With WingsWalk With WingsHarris Walk with Wings, Kiddies Walk with Wings, Rainbow Day31/12/2016
CCP2239Walking Wounded Limited31/12/2016
CCP1097Wateraid Australia Limited30/09/2017
CCP1180Watoto Child Care Ministries31/12/2015
CCP1268Wellwishers TrustWellwishers31/12/2014
CCP2300Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal CorporationWestern Desert Dialysis31/12/2016
CCP1731Westfield Charities FundScentre Charity Limited30/06/2017
CCP3238Westfield Charities FundWestfield Charities Fund19/04/2018
CCP2188Westmead Medical Research FoundationMy Westmead, Westmead Foundation, Share Some Love31/12/2016
CCP1032Westpac Community TrustWestpac FoundationWestpac Community Ltd 31/03/2017
CCP2218Wet Noses Animal Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1042Wheelchair Foundation Australia30/06/2008
CCP85Wheelchair Sports Association of SA IncDisability Recreation and Sports SA31/12/2016
CCP4006Wheelchairs For Kids Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1805White LionWhite Lion Incorporated05/12/2016
CCP1289White Ribbon AustraliaWhite Ribbon AustraliaWhite Ribbon Day15/12/2016
CCP1181White Wreath Association LimitedSock it to Suicide and White Wreath Day in remembrance of all Victims of Suicide31/12/2013
CCP1164Wholly Care Inc31/12/2007
CCP4049Wilai Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP4188Wildlife Recovery Australia Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2356Wildlife SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1653Wildlife Victoria Inc31/12/2012
CCP945Wildlife Welfare Organisation of South Australia Inc31/12/2018
CCP1759Williams Syndrome Association of (SA) IncorporatedWilliams Syndrome Association of (SA) Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2278Windamere Horse Haven Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP538Wings Away Incorporated01/07/2015
CCP1146Wirraminna Care IncorporatedWirraminna Care Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1394With Heart FoundationCappuccino For A Cause31/12/2016
CCP2142Without A Ribbon IncorporatedWithout A Ribbon Inc31/12/2016
CCP1411Womens & Childrens Health Research Institute Incorporated30/06/2016
CCP10Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation IncMother's Day13/12/2016
CCP1585Womens Community Centre (SA) Inc24/10/2014
CCP1585Womens Community Centre (SA) Inc31/12/2012
CCP1469Womens Forum Australia Charitable FoundationWomens Forum Australia31/12/2016
CCP1611Womens Forum Australia Harm Prevention Charitable TrustWomen's Forum Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1611Womens Forum Australia Harm Prevention Charitable TrustWomen's Forum Australia Ltd31/12/2011
CCP961World Animal Protection Limited04/05/2017
CCP1310World Families Australia IncWorld Families Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1468World Hope Australia IncNo More Traffick - anti human trafficking, Sri Lanka Skills Training Centre, Indonesia Rural Development, St Africa Early Ed & PNG Early Ed Projects, Mozambique Water Filter Projects and Cambodia Assessment Centre (anti human trafficking Project)30/06/2014
CCP2224World of Hope School IncorporatedWorld of Hope 31/12/2016
CCP1116World Relief Australia World Relief Australia 30/06/2017
CCP605World Vision Australia31/03/2017
CCP1111World Youth International (Aust) LtdJazz In The Park01/12/2016
CCP1534Xlent Disability Services30/06/2011
CCP1779Y Generation Against Poverty (YGAP)31/12/2012
CCP1565Yalari Limited31/12/2011
CCP1802Yarredi Services IncYarredi Services Inc31/12/2016
CCP1848YMCA Aquatic & Event Services LtdSouth Australia Aquatic & Leisure Centre31/12/2016
CCP2217YMCA of South Australia Youth and Family Services IncYMCA of South Australia Youth and Family Services Inc31/12/2016
CCP1060Yorke Peninsula Friends Of Palliative Care Inc31/12/2008
CCP3840Young Mens Christian Association of Inner North East Adelaide31/12/2099
CCP1192Youngcare Ltd Youngcare31/12/2016
CCP1192Youngcare Ltd Youngcare31/12/2015
CCP1229Youth Challenge AustraliaYouth Volunteer Program (International); Youth Volunteer Program (Australia) & Disadvantaged Youth31/12/2008
CCP1229Youth Challenge AustraliaYouth Volunteer Program (International); Youth Volunteer Program (Australia) & Disadvantaged Youth 31/12/2011
CCP896Youth Opportunities Association (SA) IncGala Dinner, Golf Day. Stars in the Garden31/12/2017
CCP3965Youth Verdict31/12/2099
CCP1814Youthinc 31/12/2016
CCP2127YP Puppy Rescue01/12/2016
CCP1267YSAS Pty LtdFEBFASTYSAS Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1693YWAM Medical Ships - Australia Ltd30/06/2015
CCP1069Zero To One Foundation30/06/2008
CCP2165Zoe Thomas Foundation IncZoe Thomas Foundation Inc31/12/2016