Expired and Revoked Charity Licences

192 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal Expiry Date
CCP1928Tafe Directors Australia National Scholarships FoundationTafe Directors Australia National Scholarships Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1427Talkback Association for Aphasia IncCity to Bay Fun Run31/12/2011
CCP1103Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (Australia) Ltd30/06/2010
CCP3969Tangaroa Blue Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2303Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)Tanzanian Empowerment through Education (TANZEED)31/12/2019
CCP1956Taronga Conservation Society AustraliaTaronga Conservation Society AustraliaTaronga Foundation31/12/2022
CCP1547Team Vista LtdTeam Vista31/01/2012
CCP1013Tear Australia31/12/2016
CCP1265Technical Aid To The Disabled (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1265Technical Aid To The Disabled (SA) Inc31/12/2008
CCP4077Ted Noffs Foundation LimitedTed Noffs Foundation31/12/2099
CCP863Teen Challenge SA Inc09/12/2016
CCP2157Teen Rescue Foundation Limited31/12/2016
CCP536Telethon IncorporatedTelethon SA13/12/2016
CCP1202Tenix Foundation TrustTenix Foundation Pty Ltd 31/12/2015
CCP1641The 2H Project Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1526The 40K Foundation Australia FundThe 40K Foundation Australia LtdBig Night Out30/06/2014
CCP2338The A21 Campaign LimitedThe A21 Campaign30/06/2017
CCP1754The Adelaide Melanoma and Skin Cancer Research Foundation TrustAustralian Melanoma Research Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1348The Against Malaria Foundation (Australia) LtdThe Against Malaria Foundation31/12/2015
CCP1348The Against Malaria Foundation (Australia) LtdThe Against Malaria Foundation28/02/2011
CCP1129The Alannah And Madeline Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP2108The Alex McKinnon Foundation Pty Ltd as trustee for RiseForAlex FundRiseForAlex FundThe Alex McKinnon Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1656The Alyna and Friends TeamAlyna & Friends31/12/2012
CCP3149The AMA Indigenous Medical Scholarship Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1535The ARA Research TrustAustralian Rheumatology Association31/12/2012
CCP1071The Arnott's FoundationThe Arnott's Foundation Pty Ltd 12/12/2016
CCP3816The Arnott's FoundationThe Arnott's Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1163The Australia Cambodia Foundation IncSunrise Cambodia31/12/2016
CCP1298The Australian Chapter Of The Batten Disease Support and Research Association Incorporated01/12/2016
CCP1734The Australian Foundation For The Peoples of Asia and The Pacific LimitedThe Australian Foundation For The Peoples of Asia and The Pacific Limited01/12/2016
CCP1418The Australian Literacy and Numeracy FoundationWall of Hands30/06/2017
CCP2282The Australian Rhino ProjectThe Australian Rhino Project31/03/2017
CCP2075The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust31/12/2016
CCP3821The Australian Tennis Foundation03/06/2020
CCP1538The Bali Street Dog AssociationThe Bali Street Dog Fund31/12/2016
CCP2112The Ben Everson Disability TrustThe Ben Everson Disability TrustAdam Joseph Harris & Joanne Enright31/12/2016
CCP1709The Benevolent Society31/12/2016
CCP2145The Big Book Club Inc19/09/2014
CCP1676The Big Health Foundation Limited31/12/2012
CCP1162The Bionics Institute of AustraliaBionics Institute12/12/2016
CCP1075The Brian And Maxine Newell Prostate Cancer Research Foundation31/12/2011
CCP894The Brother Michael Christmas Hamper Appeal Inc31/12/2017
CCP2077The Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Australia IncTzu Chi Australia31/12/2016
CCP2809The Burnside Hospital Foundation Inc20/11/2017
CCP4190The Bushfire Foundation Inc31/12/2099
CCP1736The Butterfly Movement Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2128The Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia LtdThe Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia Ltd24/12/2016
CCP1375The Carers Association Of SA IncCarers SA28/02/2011
CCP1317The Cerebral Palsy Foundation Pty LtdCerebral Palsy Foundation31/12/2009
CCP1038The Charitable Foundation For Books In Homes Australia31/12/2016
CCP1491The Child's Place (Australia) Fund The Child's Place (Australia) Fund Pty Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1349The Coeliac Research Fund Limited31/12/2011
CCP1645The Community Church of Inclusive Wicca IncThe Community Church of Inclusive Wicca Inc31/12/2012
CCP4019The David Roche Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1822The Defence Bank Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1950The Developing Foundation IncThe Developing Foundation Inc31/12/2014
CCP460The Diabetic Association of South Australia IncDiabetes SATax Appeal, Christmas Appeal, Winter Lottery and Summer Lottery12/12/2016
CCP460The Diabetic Association of South Australia IncDiabetes SATax Appeal, Christmas Appeal, Winter Lottery and Summer Lottery31/12/2013
CCP1861The Diamond Jubilee Trust AustraliaThe Diamond Jubilee Trust Australia Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1374The Difference Charitable Trust31/12/2011
CCP1266The Disability Information and Resource Centre Inc31/12/2011
CCP1154The Disabled And Disadvantaged Childrens Association Inc31/12/2015
CCP3890The Don Dunstan FoundationDon Dunstan Foundation31/12/2099
CCP888The Elle And Declan Foundation Inc31/12/2007
CCP1622The Ernst & Young FoundationErnst & Young Foundation Pty Limited05/12/2016
CCP4078The Essential Foundation Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1548The Flight Centre Foundation TrustFlight Centre Foundation Pty Ltd15/12/2016
CCP1428The Food Centre Inc31/12/2016
CCP2007The Foundation for Young AustraliansThe Foundation for Young Australians
CCP1380The Fragile X Association of Australia IncFragile X Awareness Day31/12/2016
CCP818The Fred Hollows Foundation13/12/2016
CCP722The Freemasons Foundation IncPort 2 Port Motorcycle Rally; Freemasons Foundation Mens Health Appeal08/12/2016
CCP3978The Friends of the ABC (SA) Inc31/12/2099
CCP1029The Friends Of The Repatriation General Hospital Inc31/12/2016
CCP1446The Friends Of The Womens and Childrens Hospital Inc31/12/2016
CCP1533The Gold Foundation IncorporatedThe Gold Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2202The Good FoundationThe Good Foundation Pty Ltd12/05/2015
CCP1503The Goodes OLoughlin Foundation Ltd22/08/2016
CCP1017The Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter IncHahndorf Shelter31/12/2016
CCP2397The Harding Miller Education Foundation 31/12/2016
CCP1407The Harper Bernays Charitable TrustHarper Bernays Limited and Sandhurst Trustees Limited31/12/2014
CCP1407The Harper Bernays Charitable TrustHarper Bernays Limited and Sandhurst Trustees Limited31/12/2016
CCP1662The Harris Foundation31/12/2014
CCP682The Head Injured Society Of SA Inc31/12/2007
CCP774The Heart Research Institute LtdThe Heart Research Institute 30/06/2012
CCP774The Heart Research Institute LtdThe Heart Research Institute 30/06/2017
CCP1819The HIA Charitable FoundationThe HIA Charitable Foundation30/06/2014
CCP1421The Hudson Maher Foundation Inc31/12/2012
CCP965The Humour FoundationThe Clown Doctors05/12/2016
CCP1182The Hut Community Centre IncThe Hut31/12/2016
CCP1557The International Nepal Fellowship (Aust) LtdINF Australia31/12/2015
CCP1642The Joshua Bond Charitable Fund IncDesert Road Appeal31/12/2012
CCP1282The Kids' Cancer Project15/12/2016
CCP1052The Leprosy Mission Australia31/12/2017
CCP1216The Leukaemia Foundation Of Australia LimitedWorlds Greatest Shave and Light The Night31/12/2012
CCP1216The Leukaemia Foundation Of Australia LimitedWorlds Greatest Shave and Light The Night31/12/2015
CCP1719The Lin Launder Appeal Trust31/12/2013
CCP1696The Long Walk TrustThe Long WalkThe Long Walk Pty Ltd31/12/2012
CCP2232The MacFarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health LtdBurnet Institute30/06/2017
CCP1586The Mary MacKillop Foundation LimitedMary MacKillop Foundation31/12/2013
CCP710The Mary Potter Foundation Inc31/12/2016
CCP511The Multiple Sclerosis Society Of SA & NT IncThe MS Society of SA & NT31/12/2016
CCP1201The Oaktree Foundation Australia 31/12/2007
CCP1483The Oaktree Foundation AustraliaThe Oaktree Foundation Australia09/12/2016
CCP3962The Order of St Philip Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1690The Otis Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1541The Palliative Care Council of South AustraliaTime to Remember Appeal, Chistmas Memory Tree Appeal, Walk for Palliative Care Appeal31/12/2015
CCP500The Paraplegic & Quadriplegic Association of SA IncPara Quad SA31/12/2015
CCP1488The Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch Inc31/12/2019
CCP1488The Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch IncThe Partners Of Veterans Association SA Branch Inc31/12/2016
CCP1857The Pyjama FoundationThe Pyjama Foundation31/12/2013
CCP1306The Qantas FoundationQantas Foundation Trustee Limited31/12/2014
CCP708The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research FoundationThe Hospital Research FoundationAustralian Breast Cancer Research, Australian Prostate Cancer Research, Australian Heart Research, Kidney, Transplant & Diabetes Research Australia, Allied Health Research SA, Centre for Creative Health, Supercycle, Longest Table, Cure for Stroke Australi31/12/2016
CCP784The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation IncThe Sports Girl Quest31/12/2009
CCP1443The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc..Australian Breast Cancer Research.31/12/2010
CCP2141The Ranch IncUniting Care Eleanora or Eleonora Centre12/12/2016
CCP3307The RANZCO Eye Foundation LtdThe RANZCO Eye Foundation Ltd23/04/2018
CCP1231The Relief Fund of the Baptist Churches of South AustraliaBaptist Churches of South Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP904The Religious Society Of Friends (Adelaide Meeting) IncReligious Society of Friends Quaker Shop31/03/2012
CCP1744The Religious Society of Friends (South Australia Regional Meeting) IncorporatedReligious Society of Friends Quaker Shop31/03/2013
CCP870The Repat Foundation IncorporatedThe Road Home, Snowdrops Hope for PTSD, Snowdrops for Hope31/12/2016
CCP988The Rosemary Foundation For Memory Support Inc31/12/2015
CCP1012The Ross Divett Foundation Limited31/12/2011
CCP2333The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and GynaecologistsThe Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists02/12/2016
CCP1305The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists Eye Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP1148The Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners31/12/2017
CCP2198The Royal Childrens Hospital FoundationThe Royal Childrens Hospital Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP2135The Sabrina Mangos FoundationS Mangos Pty Ltd31/12/2016
CCP150The Salvation Army (SA) Property TrustThe Salvation Army06/12/2016
CCP1458The Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Research Foundation Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1684The Scarlett FoundationCity to Bay and Selling Red Boots31/12/2012
CCP1185The Shane Warne Foundation28/04/2014
CCP1587The Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation LtdThe Menzies Foundation06/12/2016
CCP1769The Skin Cancer Network Ltd31/12/2012
CCP778The Smith Family - Sydney31/12/2016
CCP2146The Society for Mental Health Research IncThe Society for Mental Health Research31/03/2016
CCP1188The Society Of Saint Hilarion IncThe Society Of Saint Hilarion Inc31/12/2011
CCP1188The Society Of Saint Hilarion IncThe Society Of Saint Hilarion Inc13/12/2016
CCP1450The Song Room LimitedThe Song Room30/06/2017
CCP2193The South Australian Vietnam Charity Group Inc31/12/2016
CCP2055The South East Junction, Mental Health Activity and Resource Centre Inc02/12/2016
CCP1598The Spastic Centre of New South WalesCerebral Palsy Alliance31/12/2011
CCP2210The Sunflower Foundation (Australia) IncThe Sunflower Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1624The Tom Goodfellow Memorial Assistance Fund IncorporatedThe Tom Goodfellow Memorial Trust Fund31/12/2017
CCP1872The Trust Company FoundationThe Trust Company Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1680The Trustee for EJ Whitten FoundationE.J Whitten FoundationEdward John Whitten and Ross James Hughes31/12/2012
CCP2222The Trustee for Jacks FundGive Jack EarsBen Simon Robertson, Amy Rebecca Robertson, Alex James Eyre and Mark James Gowans31/12/2016
CCP1066The Trustee for Prostate Cancer Foundation of AustraliaProstate Cancer Foundation of Australia31/12/2016
CCP3883The Trustee for Raise Foundation31/12/2099
CCP2091The Trustee for Southern Cross Austereo Community Ancillary FundSCA Community Fundraising LimitedGive Me 5 for kids31/12/2016
CCP3953The Trustee for the AAM Investment Group Natural Disaster Fund31/12/2099
CCP1728The Trustee for the Australian Galactosaemia Support NetworkAustralian Galactosaemia Support Network31/12/2014
CCP4171The Trustee for The David Roche Foundation31/12/2099
CCP3995The Trustee for the Findex Community Fund31/12/2099
CCP3914The Trustee for the LBW Trust31/12/2099
CCP3908The Trustee for the Petbarn Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1905The Trustee for The Snowdome FoundationThe Trustee for The Snowdome FoundationSnowdome Limited31/12/2016
CCP1830The Trustee for Tour De Cure TrustTour De Cure Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2066The Unicorn FoundationThe Unicorn Foundation31/12/2015
CCP4032The Vaishnav Sangh of Adelaide31/12/2099
CCP1832The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchThe Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research31/12/2016
CCP1475The Womens Housing Association Inc28/02/2011
CCP1983The Yoga FoundationThe Yoga Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2242Therapeutic Dog Services IncorporatedTherapeutic Dog Services IncorporatedWalking in Codys Pawprints31/12/2016
CCP1692Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Limited28/04/2017
CCP1692Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Limited30/06/2014
CCP1431Tia International Aid Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1838Ties For Lives Group Ltd ATF Ties For Lives FoundationTies For Lives31/12/2014
CCP1189Time For Kids Foundation Inc31/12/2011
CCP90Time For Kids Inc31/12/2015
CCP1214Timpir Inc31/12/2016
CCP2183Tiny Talls Rescue Adelaide IncTiny Talls Rescue Adelaide31/12/2016
CCP1502TLC For Kids Inc31/12/2015
CCP12Toc H South Australia Inc30/03/2017
CCP2264Top Livin LimitedTop Livin Limited15/05/2015
CCP46Townsend House Inc Can:Do 4Kids12/12/2016
CCP1530Tradewinds Overseas Aid Gift FundTradewinds Tea and Coffee Pty Ltd28/02/2011
CCP1351Trans Tasman Radiation Oncology Group LimitedTROG Cancer Research30/06/2017
CCP1562Trans World Radio Inc30/06/2011
CCP934Transform Aid International Ltd08/12/2016
CCP1825Trans-Help Foundation Ltd31/12/2014
CCP1036Transplant Australia Limited31/12/2008
CCP1376Transplant Australia Ltd.30/06/2017
CCP2286Treasure BoxesTreasure Boxes31/12/2016
CCP2045Treasure For Little Treasures Inc31/07/2016
CCP3352Trees For Life IncorporatedTrees For Life31/12/2099
CCP2292Trustee for the Womens Cancer FoundationWomens Cancer Foundation31/12/2016
CCP382Tubercular Soldiers' Aid Society Of SA Inc.TB Soldiers Aid Society SA Inc.31/12/2016
CCP2087Tuberous Sclerosis Australia IncorporatedTuberous Sclerosis Australia10/12/2016
CCP1972Tutti Ensemble Incorporated30/06/2015
CCP1414Tutti Enterprises IncDo it For Dougie30/06/2010