Expired and Revoked Charity Licences

71 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal Expiry Date
CCP1487Habitat for Humanity Australia 02/12/2016
CCP1328Habitat For Humanity Australia SA31/12/2015
CCP1739Hae Australasia LtdHae Australasia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP4180HAE Australasia LtdHAE Australasia Ltd31/12/2099
CCP1678Haemophilia Foundation Australia01/07/2015
CCP2311Hagar Australia LtdHagar Australia Ltd30/06/2017
CCP1723Half The Sky Foundation Australia LimitedHalf The Sky Foundation Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1088Hamlin Fistula Australia Limited31/12/2017
CCP1911Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) Limited01/12/2016
CCP1287Hands Across The Water Australia31/12/2016
CCP1400Hannahs Foundation LtdHannahs Foundation31/12/2011
CCP3342Happy Snappers Adelaide14/11/2017
CCP1551Happy Villages31/12/2012
CCP1438Hare Krishna Food for Life Inc (SA)ISKCON Caring for Life30/06/2017
CCP1225HBOS Australia Foundation Limited31/12/2008
CCP1634Headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation LtdHeadspace11/07/2016
CCP1150Health And Development Aid Abroad - Australia Fund Inc30/06/2017
CCP1273Healthy Communities Foundation Inc31/12/2008
CCP2294Healthy Hips Australia LtdHealthy Hips Australia LtdHealthy Hips Australia Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1119Hear And Say - Centre For Deaf Children Limited01/12/2016
CCP1969Hearing Care Industry Association31/12/2015
CCP2370Heart and Soul Community Group IncHeart and Soul Community Group Inc31/12/2016
CCP1409Heart For India Trust Fund28/02/2011
CCP1291Heart Kids of SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1794Heart Research Australia31/12/2016
CCP2009Heart Research CentreHeart Research Centre31/12/2015
CCP57Heartbeat Inc.30/06/2017
CCP1778HeartKids Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP1153Hearts Of Hope Australia Limited31/03/2017
CCP4145Hearts of Hope Australia LimitedHearts of Hope Australia Limited31/12/2099
CCP1240Helen Flavel Foundation Inc31/12/2012
CCP1347Help A Child Foundation Australia31/12/2014
CCP2230Help and Nurture Developing Societies Hands Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2268Help Cambodia Australia IncHelp Cambodia Australia Inc31/10/2016
CCP2012Help Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) IncHelp Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) Inc31/12/2018
CCP2012Help Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) IncHelp Cambodians Help Themselves (HCHT) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1668Help Save The Furry OnesHelp Save The Furry OnesNicole Hocking27/11/2015
CCP1115Help Sri Lanka - South Australia Inc31/12/2012
CCP449Helping Hand Aged Care Inc02/12/2016
CCP956Hepatitis SA Inc31/12/2016
CCP1582Hills Disability Housing Inc31/12/2011
CCP1236Hillsong FoundationHillsong Church Ltd30/06/2013
CCP1821Himalayan Children's Education Foundation Pty LtdHimalayan Children's Education Foundation Himalayan Children's Education Foundation 31/12/2014
CCP2099Himalayan Development Foundation Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP2092HIV/AIDS Legal Centre IncorporatedSurry Hills Legal Centre01/12/2016
CCP2386Hope Charitable Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1395Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation IncShades 4 Aids Day01/12/2016
CCP1417Hope For Children Organisation Australia LtdHope For ChildrenThe Santos Great Bike Ride31/12/2011
CCP2129Hope For Life Animal RescueHope For Life Animal Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1991Hope of Congo Inc.28/06/2016
CCP2378Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc.31/12/2017
CCP2247Hope2dayHope2dayLOL Day.Legionaires of Laughter Evendi.Ongoing Fundraising Campaign.Tax Appeal.Christmas Appeal.31/12/2016
CCP1386Hopes and Dreams Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1568House of Hope IncorporatedHouse of Hope30/06/2011
CCP1190Housing Solutions Inc31/12/2008
CCP1420HSP Research Foundation Inc31/12/2015
CCP1420HSP Research Foundation IncCity Bay Fun Run28/02/2011
CCP1959Human and Hope Association IncorporatedHuman and Hope Association Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP2207Human and Hope Association IncorporatedHuman and Hope Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP2387Human Appeal Australia Community Care Limited30/06/2017
CCP2001Human Appeal International Australia LimitedHuman Appeal International Australia 31/12/2017
CCP4073Human Rights Law Alliance Ltd31/12/2099
CCP2046Humanist Society of South Australia Incorporated30/04/2015
CCP2151Hunter Medical Research Institute31/12/2016
CCP2379Huntingtons SA & NT IncHuntingtons SA & NT Inc31/12/2016
CCP1771Hush Music Foundation31/12/2012
CCP864Hutt Street CentreHutt Street Centre31/12/2016
CCP1382Hutt Street Centre FoundationHutt Street Centre Foundation31/12/2014
CCP1382Hutt Street Centre FoundationHutt Street Centre FoundationWalk A Mile in My Boots, Touch Wine, Angel For A Day31/12/2010
CCP1644Hybernation Limited31/12/2012