Expired and Revoked Charity Licences

148 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal Expiry Date
CCP1183S R Brumby Pty Ltd as Trustee for The Brumby Foundation31/12/2007
CCP1748SA Group Enterprises IncWire Ware, Inprint Design, Aspitech, Your Employment Services31/12/2012
CCP1260SA Power Networks Employee Foundation SA Power Networks Employee Foundation Limited30/06/2017
CCP954Safe Ground IncorporatedSafe Ground; Australian Network to Ban Landmines & Cluster Munitions (ANBLC)30/06/2021
CCP1742Saharan Tuareg Refugee Relief Inc31/12/2012
CCP1524Salesian Society (Vic) IncAustralian Salesian Mission Overseas Aid Fund02/05/2017
CCP1358Samaritans Purse Australia Limited30/06/2014
CCP1482Sammy D Foundation Inc30/06/2016
CCP2166Sands Australia National Council IncSands Australia31/12/2016
CCP2938Sands Australia National Council Inc.Sands Australia National Council Inc.31/12/2099
CCP1139SANE Australia31/12/2016
CCP2380Sanfilippo Children's Foundation31/12/2016
CCP3552Sarz Sanctuary31/12/2019
CCP2022Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc02/12/2016
CCP993Save The Children Australia31/12/2008
CCP993Save The Children Australia30/06/2017
CCP1294Schizophrenia Research Institute30/06/2017
CCP1294Schizophrenia Research Institute31/12/2009
CCP2359Schoolgoers Pty LtdSchoolgoers04/12/2016
CCP1496Sea Shepherd Australia LimitedSea Shepherd Australia31/12/2016
CCP1920Second Chance Bulldog Breeds RescueSecond Chance Bulldog Breeds Rescue31/12/2014
CCP2273Second Chances SA Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1824Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Islander Child CareSNSICC31/12/2014
CCP1716Seeds of Affinity - Pathways for Women Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1827Sensory. Autismic. Family. Escapes - South Australia Incorporated S.A.F.E - SA Inc31/01/2014
CCP2332Serenity Farm Rescue31/12/2016
CCP1255Service Persons Support Network Association31/08/2008
CCP1934Shake It Up Australia FoundationShake It Up Australia Limited31/12/2016
CCP1272Sharegift Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP2098Shelterbox AustraliaShelterbox Australia01/12/2016
CCP1758Shoe Boxes of Love Inc31/12/2016
CCP1757Shouldering The Journey Foundation LtdShouldering The Journey Foundation31/12/2015
CCP2168Shout for Good Pty Ltd06/11/2014
CCP1262Siblings Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1415Sight For All Limited31/12/2016
CCP2083Silver Lining Pet Rescue31/12/2015
CCP1840Silvery Gibbon Project IncorporatedSilvery Gibbon Project Incorporated14/12/2016
CCP1952Sim Australia16/01/2017
CCP1751Simaid TrustSimaidSim Australia31/12/2012
CCP2348Sindhu Development Foundation Nepal 2015 IncorporatedSDF Nepal 201531/12/2016
CCP3896Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation Ltd31/12/2099
CCP3897Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation LtdThe Menzies Foundation31/12/2099
CCP1505Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Incorporated28/02/2011
CCP1505Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation IncorporatedThe Big Roll 201031/12/2010
CCP1554SISHA LimitedSISHA31/12/2013
CCP2374Sisters of the Good Samaritan LtdTrustee for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Foundation30/06/2017
CCP1416Skill Teaching and Resources IncSTAR31/12/2011
CCP1829Skin and Cancer Foundation IncorporatedSkin and Cancer Foundation Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP1829Skin and Cancer Foundation IncorporatedSkin and Cancer Foundation Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1486Small Miracles Foundation Inc31/01/2012
CCP1486Small Miracles Foundation Inc31/01/2011
CCP1661Smile Foundation LtdSmile FoundationCycle For Smile31/12/2013
CCP2418Smiles for JakeSmiles for Jake01/12/2016
CCP1918Smiling MindSmiling Mind31/12/2015
CCP2057So They Can30/06/2017
CCP2349Soap Aid Ltd31/12/2016
CCP1746Soldier On Association IncorporatedSoldier OnSoldier On Association Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1746Soldier On Association IncorporatedSoldier OnSoldier On Association Incorporated31/12/2014
CCP917Sony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia Limited31/12/2008
CCP917Sony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia LimitedSony Foundation Australia Limited31/12/2015
CCP1646SOS Foundation Ltd31/12/2012
CCP523South Australian Council of Churches Inc31/12/2011
CCP4030South Australian Council of Social Service31/12/2099
CCP1224South Australian Cystinosis Association Incorporated31/12/2008
CCP1884South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute LimitedSouth Australian Health and Medical Research Institute 30/06/2017
CCP1621South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association31/12/2019
CCP973South Australian Medical Research TrustThe Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc31/12/2009
CCP1197South Australian Youth Foundation Inc31/12/2008
CCP978South East Animal Welfare League Of SA Inc30/06/2015
CCP978South East Animal Welfare League Of SA IncPaws Walk around Blue Lake Badge Day30/06/2017
CCP2035South East Crohns Group Inc31/12/2015
CCP1944South Ozz ShelterMoorook Animal Shelter31/12/2017
CCP1944South Ozz ShelterMoorook Animal Shelter31/12/2014
CCP1869South Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency IncorporatedSouth Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency Incorporated28/06/2016
CCP1869South Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency IncorporatedSouth Sudan Orphan Care and Development Agency Incorporated31/12/2013
CCP1879Southern Adelaide Fleurieu Kangaroo Island Medicare Local LtdSAFKI Medicare LOcal31/12/2015
CCP2086Southern Cross Austereo Community Foundation LimitedGive me 5 for kids31/12/2015
CCP547Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc31/12/2016
CCP1836Southern Cross Educational Enterprises Ltd31/12/2014
CCP2406Southern Cross Kids' Camps14/09/2016
CCP1962Southern Domestic Violence Service IncSouthern Domestic Violence Service Inc31/12/2015
CCP2197Southern Fruit and Vege Share31/12/2016
CCP1244Southern Junction Community Services Inc31/12/2013
CCP1091Southland Compassion IncGolf Day31/12/2012
CCP2377Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knight of Malta31/12/2017
CCP1125Spastic Centres Of South Australia Incorporated06/12/2016
CCP1269Special Olympics Australia09/12/2016
CCP557SPELD (SA) Inc31/12/2017
CCP557SPELD (SA) Inc31/03/2010
CCP91Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association Of South Australia Inc31/12/2015
CCP1853Spinal Cord Cancer Foundation Pty LtdSpinal Cord Cancer Foundation Pty Ltd31/12/2020
CCP1193Spinal Cord Injuries Australia Ltd31/12/2015
CCP1204Spinal Muscular Atrophy Association Of Australia IncThe RARE Campaign08/12/2016
CCP1790Sport MattersSport Matters31/03/2013
CCP3889Sports Chaplaincy Australia Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1346St Basil's Homes For The Aged In South Australia (Vasileias) IncSt Basil's Homes (SA)31/12/2014
CCP2144St George Foundation Limited30/11/2017
CCP27St John Ambulance Australia, South Australia Inc01/12/2016
CCP1304St Johns Youth Services IncSt Johns Youth Services31/12/2015
CCP1900St Kilda Gatehouse IncSt Kilda Gatehouse Inc31/12/2015
CCP4001St Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation IncorporatedSt Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation31/12/2099
CCP69St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) IncVinniesChristmas Appeal; Winter Appeal; The Saint Newsletter; Badge Day; Pillars Of Society Corporate Lunch15/12/2016
CCP2276St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia Inc31/12/2016
CCP1525STACSA Gunnedah Incorporated30/09/2011
CCP1079Stand Like Stone Foundation Ltd31/12/2016
CCP964Starlight Childrens Foundation Australia30/06/2017
CCP2185Start Foundation LimitedStart Foundation31/12/2016
CCP2212State Emergency Relief FundThe Trustee for State Emergency Relief Fund31/12/2022
CCP1721Steps Foundation Ltd31/12/2012
CCP1720Steps Group Australia Ltd31/12/2012
CCP2117Steve Waugh Foundation - Australia Incorporated as trustee for Steve Waugh FoundationSteve Waugh FoundationSteve Waugh Foundation - Australia Incorporated 31/12/2015
CCP1663Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) IncorporatedSands (SA) Inc31/12/2016
CCP2821Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) IncorporatedStillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SA) Incorporated31/12/2099
CCP1396Stillbirth Foundation Australia TrustStillbirth Foundation Australia 30/06/2014
CCP1396Stillbirth Foundation Australia TrustStillbirth Foundation Australia 15/05/2017
CCP1593Sto Nino De Filipinas South Australia Incorporated31/12/2011
CCP2335Stop Forward Exchange Incorporated31/12/2016
CCP1513Street Swags Ltd31/12/2013
CCP1377Streetsmart Australia Limited Streetsmart Australia31/12/2015
CCP1462Strike A Chord For Cancer IncStrike A Chord For Cancer28/02/2011
CCP884Stroke SA Inc05/12/2016
CCP3926STTARS the Survivors of Torture and Trauma Assistance and Rehabilitation ServiceSTTARS31/12/2099
CCP11Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Association Of South Australia IncRed Nose Day and City to Bay Fun Run30/09/2016
CCP1780Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) IncSuicide Prevention Australia31/12/2015
CCP1552Summer Foundation Ltd31/12/2011
CCP2252Summer Foundation Ltd.01/12/2016
CCP443Suneden Intellectually Disabled Childrens Association IncSuneden Special School02/03/2017
CCP1372Sunrise Childrens Association Inc31/12/2016
CCP1470Sunrise Co-Operative Housing Inc31/12/2012
CCP1009Support Act Limited31/12/2008
CCP1009Support Act LimitedMusic In The House14/12/2016
CCP1699Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan (SA)SAWA Australia (SA)International Womens Day31/12/2016
CCP2023Support for Mums and their Families Inc31/12/2015
CCP1575Surf Aid International AustraliaSurfAid International30/09/2012
CCP1575Surf Aid International AustraliaSurfAid International30/09/2016
CCP1054Surf Life Saving FoundationSurf Life Saving FoundationBoardies Day13/12/2016
CCP72Surf Life Saving South Australia IncSurf Life Saving SA15/12/2016
CCP1215Surge AustraliaSupporting Uganda's Re-Growth Efforts Inc20/06/2020
CCP1476Survivor Foundation Incorporated31/12/2015
CCP1735Survivors AustraliaSurvivors Australia Ltd30/11/2012
CCP1212SUSTAIN Projects - Myanmar IncSUSTAIN Projects - Myanmar Inc30/06/2017
CCP1599Swags For Homeless Ltd05/12/2016
CCP1850Sweethearts Anonymous IncorporatedSweethearts Anonymous Incorporated04/12/2016
CCP580SYC Ltd.SYC Ltd31/12/2015
CCP2249Sydney Childrens Hospital FoundationSydney Childrens Hospital Foundation31/12/2016
CCP1500Symbiosis International31/12/2017