Current Charity Licences

45 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal
CCP3317Fauna Rescue of South Australia IncFauna Rescue
CCP2951FEBC Oversea Fund
CCP3380FEBC Relief Limited
CCP3247Feed The HungryFeed The Hungry
CCP2607Feel the Magic LimitedFeel the Magic Limited
CCP3201Fight Cancer FoundationFight Cancer Foundation
CCP2477Fighting Chance AustraliaFighting Chance Australia
CCP3452Find The Lost Coins Pty Ltd
CCP3309Fitted for Work Ltd
CCP2702Fleurieu Cancer Support Foundation
CCP3755Flicker of Hope Foundation Limited
CCP3690Flicker of Hope Foundation Ltd
CCP2772Flinders Foundation (formerly Flinders Medical Centre Foundation)Flinders Foundation
CCP1426Flinders Overseas Health Group Inc
CCP3260Foodbank Australia Limited
CCP2602Foodbank of South Australia IncorporatedFoodbank of South Australia Incorporated
CCP2960FOP Australia Ltd
CCP3428Forever Ferrets Rescue SA Inc
CCP3047Forget Me Not Australia Limited
CCP3899Fortem Australia Limited
CCP3364Found Hearts Limited
CCP3310Foundation For Alcohol Research and Education
CCP2814Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia LimitedFoundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia Limited
CCP3862Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
CCP3791Foundation Shine IncorporatedFoundation Shine Incorporated
CCP3268Foundation21 IncorporatedFoundation21 Incorporated
CCP2473FOUR PAWS Australia (Animal Welfare) LimitedFOUR PAWS Australia
CCP3403Fragile X Alliance Inc.
CCP2955Fragile X Association of Australia IncThe Fragile X Association of Australia Inc
CCP3443Free the Bears Ltd
CCP2966Freedom Hill Sanctuary IncFreedom Hill Sanctuary Inc
CCP3502Friedreich Ataxia Research Association
CCP3199Friends of Femili PNG
CCP3198Friends of Mithra IncorporatedFriends of Mithra Incorporated
CCP3157Friends of the Vietnamese Invalid Veterans Association Incorporated
CCP2616FSHD Global Research Foundation Limited
CCP3673Full Stop Foundation
CCP3612Fullarton Lutheran Homes IncFullarton Lutheran Homes
CCP3433Fullife Foundation
CCP3451Furever Farm Incorporated
CCP3526Fusion Australia Ltd
CCP2849Future2 FoundationFuture2