Current Charity Licences

56 licences found

Licence Number Charity or Collection Agent Name Trading Name Trustee Name Title of Appeal
CCP4380Walk N Talk For Life Foundation
CCP3306Walk With WingsWalk With Wings
CCP2835Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical ResearchWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
CCP3588War Child Association Incorporated
CCP4150Warrawong Sanctuary Foundation
CCP3265WaterAid Australia
CCP3273Watoto Child Care MinistriesWatoto Child Care Ministries
CCP3682Waves For Water Australia Limited
CCP3656Welcoming Australia Ltd
CCP4268Wesley Community Services Limited
CCP3643West Coast Youth and Community Support IncorporatedYouthoira, Youthaven, Mentally Fit EP
CCP3282Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation
CCP2934Westpac Community TrustWestpac Foundation
CCP3424Westside Housing Association Incorporated
CCP4126What Ability Foundation
CCP2768Wheelchair Sports Association of SA IncDisability Recreation and Sports SA
CCP4254Wheelchairs For Kids Foundation
CCP4005Wheelchairs For Kids Ltd
CCP2691White Ribbon AustraliaWhite Ribbon Australia
CCP2504Whitelion Youth Agency Ltd
CCP3449Wilai Foundation Ltd.
CCP3985Wildlife Conservation International Limited
CCP3393Wildlife Health Australia Inc
CCP4202Wildlife Rescue South Coast Incorporated
CCP3323Wildlife Rescue Whyalla and Surrounding Areas Incorporated
CCP3830Wildlife Victoria Inc
CCP3565Wildlife Welfare Organisation (SA) Inc
CCP2963Williams syndrome association of S.A. Inc
CCP4034Wind Dancer Animal Sanctuary
CCP3005Windamere Horse Haven IncWindamere Horse Haven inc
CCP3399Wirraminna Care IncorporatedWirraminna Care Incorporated
CCP3177WISE Employment Ltd.
CCP3777Without A Ribbon Incorporated
CCP4037Wombat Awareness Organisation SA Inc
CCP2656Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation
CCP3558Womens' Community Centre SA INC
CCP3854Womens Community Shelters
CCP4429Women's Community Shelters Limited
CCP2945Women's Forum Australia Charitable FoundationWomen's Forum Australia Charitable Foundation
CCP2944Women's Forum Australia Harm Prevention Charitable TrustWomen's Forum Australian Harm Prevention Charitable Trust
CCP4136Women's March 4 Justice
CCP2707Women's Safety Services SA Inc
CCP3906Working Womens Centre Inc
CCP3129World Animal Protection Limited
CCP2981World Bicycle Relief Australia Ltd
CCP2476World Education Australia Limited
CCP3324World Families Australia IncorporatedWorld Families Australia
CCP3369World Hope International Ltd
CCP2994World of Hope Scshool IncWorld of Hope school
CCP2551World Relief Australia World Relief Australia
CCP2426World Youth International (Aust) LtdWorld Youth International (Aust) Ltd
CCP4413Wounds Australia Limited